Struggling to Create a Blogging Habit?

Boy aren’t we all!…Well, at times, when that big, bad block strikes! So here we are, blogging merrily away and then suddenly we hit an impasse; no post today…that’s OK, I’ll do one tomorrow and then tomorrow… after which you’re struck with the ‘Gosh, my new post after several days/weeks better be a great one’ feeling!…Not a very good way to get your creative juices flowing! 

Thanks to Blogging 201, I saw this short video by Andrea Badgley titled “Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day.” She spoke articulately on how to create a writing habit. This is a brief overview of her talk:

  • You’re basically confronted with two blockers, time and topics. Either you have no time to write and when you do, nothing interesting to say.
  • Create time, set a timer for ten minutes everyday (Ten minutes! Come on! that’s nothing! Totally doable!) and free write.
  • Tools to never run out of topics include, creating a prompt box of a list of things you love; wherever you are, makes notes of scenes or objects that strike you.

She concluded by saying that by giving yourself meaningful topics to write about, you not only get writing again, but publishing. Not every post will be brilliant but because you’ve been practicing, you’ll capture it.

“Perfect is the enemy of Done.” – Andrea Badgley

Check out her video!

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9 Responses to Struggling to Create a Blogging Habit?

  1. Alixa says:

    When I have nothing to write about, or I’m unsure how to start to write, I like to search Tumblr for writing prompts. Not all prompts will inspire me and not every line I write will be used, but sometimes, all I need is a little push to ignite my imagination 🙂

  2. Janice Wald says:

    Hi, Thanks for the video. My posts often take up to four hours from start to finish! I also blog about blogging. Perhaps you’ll check out my site if you get a moment. By the way, are you familiar with Alexa rankings and bounce rates? Your stats will improve since embedded this video. It keeps people on your site longer. 8:46 to be exact.

  3. briannabunny says:

    Amazing ideas! I had a 2 month period where I barely wrote and I’m thankfully out of that now but this definitely would have helped then! Thank you for sharing for further reference!

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