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FFfAW: The Struggle Continues

The Johnsons danced in the greenfields. The radio had just announced that their state would separate and join others to become one free country. Dad handed Mum a yellow daisy and she stuck it in the scarecrow’s coat, making siblings … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Story: No Choice

Margaret had a choice- tell the police that she saw Dave grab the drill in a rage and bash in his friend’s head, or save her only son from a life in prison. Dave had pleaded with his mother to … Continue reading

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SPF: Greener Grass?

The upper crust? Of smelling salts and waist crushing corsets? Elizabeth pooh poohed it all, much to her mother’s horror. Her only refuge was at her Godfather’s laboratory. Dr. Bertrand was the only one who understood her and though he didn’t … Continue reading

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FFftPP: What Will Danny Do?

“It was really dark last night but I’m sure this is the place I saw those floating lights,” said Benjamin. Danny and Joey followed him across the wooden bridge to the abandoned shed. “If we find aliens, we’ll call the … Continue reading

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TLT: A Voluntary Rat?

What I see everyday is blind following and competitive craze Deadlines, money, another sale, to be first in this rat race maze Not living, just rushing in a daze, simply another voluntary slave For Three Line Tales  

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Six Sentence Story: Anna’s Choice

The judge called for order as Anna took the stand amid hushed voices. It had been an agonizing few months for those involved, especially the family of the victim. Anna, the next door neighbour and only witness to the murder of … Continue reading

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My Thinking Corner: Quotes Worth Repeating

I had put this quote at the end of my SPF challenge, Playing Life’s Game, but it’s definitely worth repeating. What greater purpose can there be of life, than helping others? Prayer + Action, is how to get things done. Each … Continue reading

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FFfAW: For the Love of Books

According to Susie, her mother had the best job in the world, she was a librarian. So, Susie grew up amidst the shelves of magical lands, mysterious islands, adventurous children, lovable animals and unlimited supply of imagination. She got so … Continue reading

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SPF: United Against the Darkness [Arrow Fanfic]

Just finished binge-watching Arrow Season 4 and felt like taking a shot at my very first fanfiction!  Well…sorta…more of the same story-line…but they do it so well! “You can’t defeat me, Mr. Queen,” said Darhk, in his usual suave manner. … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday: Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

This week’s Song Lyric Sunday theme is, Summer and this song just popped into my head! Have a great summer everybody! 🙂 🌞 🌞 🌞 Lyrics:

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