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Badge in place, blog registered in the Blog Roll! I’m all set for my first ever NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge this November! It’s been incredibly encouraging reading comments from other bloggers who have experienced similar challenges before. And … Continue reading

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Premature Freedom

My Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge! A spectral gloom hung over the room. Apt surroundings for Mary, for the hope that burgeoned in her heart and thoughts that evoked nostalgic recollections and ones of failure. The last scene was to be … Continue reading

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From Videotapes to DVDs, Unforgettable TV Shows and Themes!

So guess what I spent more of my pocket money on when I was a kid? Renting videotapes! Yes, remember those? Black, plastic with a thin reel of film visible? I had stacks of them! Recording every likable series and … Continue reading

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The Recluse

Mondays Finish the Story flash fiction challenge! I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured. Venomous without provocation, this mighty creature had attacked, swiftly and savagely. A misanthropic recluse, I now lay … Continue reading

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Fitting In

My Sunday Photo Fiction entry! She wouldn’t fit in, not her, not here; But she stayed, she had to. They spoke funny, not like the English shows she saw back home on TV. Back home. The tears welled up like always. What … Continue reading

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The Cure

My first ever entry into this week’s Mondays finish the story! 🙂 Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest. The danger palpable, he forced himself to keep walking. He was villager No. … Continue reading

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Of True Smiles

So do you have pieces of your writing lying around which you suddenly happen upon after months or years? This was something I had written in 2010 and after five years in isolation (barring a few glances by a couple … Continue reading

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My Ecstasy!

“Words are of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”- Rudyard Kipling. Indeed. I realized this only when I started writing myself. Writing, something which I had never ever thought about doing. I never realized that writing was my … Continue reading

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Once again I was faced with the prospect of spending the next week or so coughing and sniffing. Yes, the all too popular flu had targetted me yet again. This year I had been extra careful in my dealings with … Continue reading

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Are You (Un)neighbourly?

Everybody needs good neighbours. Whether you’re living in an independent house or an apartment building, to be surrounded by good, decent people makes life much easier. But in case you’re one of the unlucky ones to have one of those … Continue reading

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