FFfAW: No Life

Credit: any1mark66

“Mummy, look!” squealed little Tiffany.

As Belinda glanced outside at the perfect rainbow, she wondered how such a beautiful world could be so easily sullied.

“Come away from the window, dear,” Belinda gently led Tiffany away.

“It’s so pretty, Mummy,” Tiffany smiled.

“Yes it is,” Belinda ruffled her hair. “Come now, we need to get back down into the shelter.”

Tiffany hesitated, then said, “You think they can see the rainbow from the sky?”

“Who dear?”

“The pilots, before they bomb us.”

Belinda was quiet.

“Maybe if they see how lovely it is, they won’t want to bomb us today.”

Belinda gulped back tears. This was no life for a child….this was, no life.

For a second she was childishly hopeful, hopeful that just before his finger hit the button, the pilot would indeed be transfixed by the beauty and reconsider.

She sighed.

“Come on sweetheart, pick up Teddy and let’s get downstairs.”

Minutes later they heard the roaring and felt the shuddering.

The pilot hadn’t reconsidered.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Good to be back after quite a while….eye issues, need to drastically reduce by screen time. Apologies in advance if I’m unable to respond to comments promptly.

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11 Responses to FFfAW: No Life

  1. How sad they have to be living in the middle of war. War is so ugly and tragic. Great story!

  2. magarisa says:

    Sadly, this story is all too believable. Beautifully written.

  3. Ellespeth says:

    This was heart-wrenching fiction. Such a short piece brought so much emotion. Strong mother character development.

  4. michael1148humphris says:

    A pieces so full of pathos, a warning to all who bomb innocents.

  5. This is just gut-wrenching and sad.

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