Hallmark: Hayrides and Christmas Tree Lightings!

So before I start….what on earth happened to WordPress! I’m lost! That’s what happens when you decide to rejoin after a hiatus of three years! Things change…and boy have they taken a 180 over here! The format is alien! Well, here goes….!

So what inspired me to login (thank goodness I’d written my password down in an old fashioned notebook!) again? Well, Hallmark! I’ve been binging on Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones and it was such a pleasure to watch fun, family, boy meets girl storylines! 

Also, I now really want to experience a hayride, trot down those quaint, postcard type town and count down to a Xmas tree lighting! And don’t you just love the colours of harvest? Those pumpkins and fiery red, yellow and brown leaves that litter the sidewalks! 

So my all time favourite Hallmark movies so far:

1.Snowed Inn Christams (Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker!!!!)

2. Christmas by Starlight (Paul Campbell!!!)

3. Winter in Vail (Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes!)

4. Christmas in Tennessee (Rachel Boston and Andrew Walker!!!)

5. Check Inn to Christmas (Rachel Boston)

6. Frozen in Love (Niall Matter and Rachel Leigh Cook)

7. Love on a Limb (Trevor Donovan!!!)

8. A Dash of Love (Jen Lilly and Brendan Penny!!!)

9. A Winter Love Story (Jen Lilly and Kevin McGarry!!)

10. Christmas at the Palace (Merrit Patterson)

11 Christmas at Pemberley Manor

12. Love to the rescue (Nikki DeLoach)

13. Unleashing Mr. Darcy (Cindy Busby annnddd Ryan Paevey!!!)

14. Five Star Christmas (Bethany Joy Lenz and Victor Webster!!!)

15. Autumn in the Vineyard (Rachel Leight Cook and Brendan Penny!!!)

16. All of my Heart (Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliot!)

17. A Valentine’s Match (Bethany Joy Lenz and Luke McFarlane!!!)

18. A Royal Winter (Merritt Patterson)

19. The Mistletoe Inn (David Alpay!!)

20. Love under the Olive Tree

21. Sweet Autumn (Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker)

21. If I only had Christmas (Warren Christie and Candace Cameron Bure (T.J from Full House))

Even Michelle from Full House has acted in some! 🙂

The list definitely doesn’t end here! From Lacey Chabert to Jen Lilley, from Erin Cahill to Kevin McGarry and Niall Matter, you just can’t go wrong! All feel-good, touchy feely, lovable story lines!

So, what’s your favourite Hallmark movie?

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