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Suits: My storyline for the episode in which Harvey Specter makes things right with his mother (Season 6)

Right, so after watching that really heartfelt/didn’t-agree-with-the-storyline episode of Suits (Season 6: Ep.12, The Painting), all I can do is put my version out there (and hopefully someone, somewhere, somehow will agree with me! Try to keep up, my desperation’s … Continue reading

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We Can Never Become Them (Wise words by Oliver Queen)

Admit it, we all hoped Diggle would inflict severe pain upon Mrs. Dark, or at least indulge in something revengeful. But of course we were overjoyed when the Arrow stopped him (um, well, some of us were! :D) and wisely … Continue reading

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Echoes Of My Neighbourhood: What a catch…!!

And it’s a six! He’s hit it for a four…! And it’s out…! Yup, it’s all about cricket these days, as the Gladiators, Kings, Qalandars, Zalmis and United wow us all! With matches currently taking place in Dubai and Sharjah, … Continue reading

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Awkward + Embarrassing = Blushing

Awkward moments, embarrassing situations, I don’t like them! (to state the obvious! Unless maybe, you’re Lorelai Gilmore? Well, she’d at least know how to handle them!) So you have everything from, slip on a banana peel, to drop a plate at … Continue reading

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Home Again

Should I start with the cliched, Time Flies? Well, it sure did! I had just coined my hurried haiku before I bid my online life adieu for a fortnight (How many out there continue clicking ‘Publish’ while on holiday? Kudos if … Continue reading

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Charming Churches

As Christmas approaches, all churches will be full of prayers and hymns. Wanted to share pictures of some of the really beautiful Churches in Pakistan. Few are over a hundred years old!

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Daily Prompt: The Wanderer I love the feel of an airport! The minute you step foot into one, you’re already experiencing a foreign land. Surrounded by different nationalities, families, individuals…the world at your doorstep (well, I suppose it depends on the airport, … Continue reading

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