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SPF: A Cowardly Contract

After their land was invaded, the people had put their faith in King Harisingh. But when news began to spread of their land acceding to that of their enemy’s, they were in shock. Some refused to believe, until it became all … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Story: Mother and Son

The room was pitch black, she didn’t suspect a thing and as he heard the keys jingle in the lock, he got ready. The door creaked open, she flicked on the light switch and gasped, her keys falling to the … Continue reading

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TLT: Pace Perception

Like a flowing river, time goes by. Occasionally, like raging waters, moments flash hurriedly before our eyes. But why is it that each painful instance slowly unfolds, seemingly everlasting? For Three Line Tales

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FFfAW: Time to Embrace Humanity

Saddened by the prevailing racism, owners of the new Interfaith School decided that a drastic change in mindsets was needed for upcoming generations to grow up hate-free. Cautious parents soon embraced this opportunity. The uniform had a pretty scarf available … Continue reading

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SPF: Perseverance

Once again, she wept. Why did sorrows continue to stalk her? Why was her heart always in such agony? Tears flowed effortlessly and she let them. She’d read that sometimes one needs a good cry, but how many more of these … Continue reading

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Tanka: Nature’s Cure

Gurgling stream echoes Water sprays on rustling leaves Sounds of nature heard Soothing to the eyes and soul Panacea for all woes For Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge & The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Eyes

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TLT: To Endure

Just as an unexpected storm rips through the night, I felt the sudden stab of betrayal. In brokenhearted denial, a whirlpool of incoherent thoughts rumbled through my mind, as veracity tried to force its way to the surface. Reality struck in … Continue reading

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FFfAW: True Love

“I want to see you walk down that aisle,” said Jack. Chloe smiled, then her eyes welled up. After Barry’s cruel betrayal, another commitment was not easy. “If my answer’s yes, I’ll meet you on Monday at our favourite coffee place… … Continue reading

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SPF: A Painful Decision

They were her favourite flowers. But that was before Derek left, abruptly, a month after they’d celebrated their first wedding anniversary, when he’d made a pathway of bright pink petals. Later, she’d collected the petals and kept them in a … Continue reading

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Home for All

Celebrating the place you call home is always wonderful, but I’d also like to spread this joy with a message of unity and togetherness. We are all one, no matter where we live. Happy Independence Day! 🙂  Sharing this lovely … Continue reading

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