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Six Sentence Story: Support

Her mind was a jungle, roaring for all that was whirling inside to come out and make sense, not only to her but all those around so they could share her feelings but most of all, her fears. Sasha sighed, … Continue reading

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FFfAW: Hindsight

  The mountains stood guard and the river lapped gently against the rocks. Darin took in the view of his new home in a new land. Later, he walked downtown passing a herd of cows along the way. He suddenly … Continue reading

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My Thinking Corner: Never Surrender

Failure is part of success, keep at it, don’t falter, never stop trying. Pause and reflect. Life will get you down, get back up, never surrender.  For My Thinking Corner Image courtesy Google

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Music Mondays: Ali Zafar & Sara Haider – Ae Dil (Oh Heart)

🎶 Beautifully sung, especially by Sara! What a voice! 🎶 (Click cc for English subtitles) For Music Mondays

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SPF: Everlasting Bonds

Charlotte rode the bus to work. She’d go straight up and to the front seat, the same one she’d always sit on with Michael. Head against the window, her mind would drift to her husband and baby boy…the accident, watching the … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday: Michael Learns to Rock-Sleeping Child

A child’s smile has the power to melt the most coldest of hearts. Yet you only have to switch on the news to witness the most innocent of the innocent, children, babies… being caught up in the vile game that’s … Continue reading

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FFftPP: Fortuitous Journey

It was against the law for any citizen of Jarthopia to enter the site of the portal, but Edomar was only 264 years old (still quite young in Jarthopian years) and his curiosity got the better of him. There had … Continue reading

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TLT: Victory

  It had been a grueling three years of training, sweating, hidden crying sessions and almost-give-up moments, for Cynthia to finally reach this far. Now here she was, waving proudly her country’s flag as she marched in with the rest … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Story: From Democracy to Death

“What’s that mama?” “That’s a duck,” replied Harry’s mother, as her seven year old flipped through the pages of the worn out picture book. “Did the bad air kill all of them as well?” She nodded, the sadness visible in her … Continue reading

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Echoes Of My Neighbourhood: A Flowery Evening

Went to a function and was met with the most beautiful sight of flowers, fruits, candles and sweetmeats! 🙂   For Echoes Of My Neighbourhood

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