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Song Lyric Sunday: Crying in the Rain – A-ha

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TLT: One Day

As the occupation forces closed in, defiant hands rose in the air and cries of freedom echoed all around. A flag was hoisted in the crowd and instantly bullets flew, metal met flesh and bodies fell. Killed, wounded but not … Continue reading

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Tanka Challenge: Embrace the Human Race

Biased news reports Half-truths galore spreading hate Let’s embrace mankind Build bridges across nations This Earth is a home for all For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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Tanka Challenge: Global Warming

Nature is speaking Stark signs of global warming Volatility A big challenge for us all Use your resources wisely For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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SPF: A Caring Son

Jonathan loved collecting bottles. Soon, all the shelves in his room were full of them, so he started lining them on the floor. “Jonathan! That’s it, you need to get rid of some of these useless bottles!” said Dad angrily. … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday: Moulin Rouge – Elephant Medley

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TLT: The Art of Life

The blank pages of your days will soon fill up. Keep painting your dreams and desires, yearnings and ambitions. But remember, the art of getting through life is balance. For Three Line Tales

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