FFfAW: Be Grateful

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Melissa resented her troubled life. Tom would be late for dinner, again, Martin’s teacher had called to set up a meeting, again, the bills kept coming and the sink had clogged up for the third time this week.

She glanced bitterly out of her dilapidated screen door to the new house opposite hers. She had seen it immaculately constructed for the past seven months. The quaint windows, bright azure door, planters of exotically coloured flowers, crimson, radiant yellow and gleaming green.

From time to time the new neighbours would visit. The handsome husband, the skinny wife with the perfect hair and the excited seven  or eight year old, clutching his digital camera.

They had moved in last week. A trail of U-Haul trucks followed, unloading designer furniture, at least three colossal LEDs and if nosy old Martha next door was to be believed, crates of Picassos and Monets.

As envy burgeoned in Melissa’s heart, the anorexic wife from across the street put fresh concealer on her bruised eye and got ready to meet the neighbours.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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24 Responses to FFfAW: Be Grateful

  1. The perfect neighbors have something to hide! Great story! Brings attention to this problem that many women silently endure!

  2. oh I love it SW….its true isn’t that we never know what goes on behind people’s front doors…..

  3. bikurgurl says:

    Things aren’t always what they seem…

  4. Lovely twist in the tale. It is true that things are not always what they seem. Well done.

    • swritings says:

      True! Which is why since childhood we’re taught the oft repeated ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ yet we continue to do so. Thank you so much for reading! Glad you liked it! 😊

  5. jademwong says:

    I did not expect that twist at the end, but what a glimpse into the harsh reality of life. So many layers to this story: the envy of others, hiding the truth, the message that what we see is not always what is. Fantastic job!

    • swritings says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, unfortunately life can deal an extremely harsh hand to some, though to the other it may all seem smooth sailing. Thank you so much for reading! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  6. Nice twist, really subtle, made it all the better 🙂

  7. Nicely written. A good tale to remember to not take what we have for granted nor judge the superficial things we see.

    • swritings says:

      Yes, that’s exactly right! It’s so easy to complain and compare, not realizing that the reality all around isn’t as perfect as we think it is. Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

  8. Ellespeth says:

    wonderful how you brought so much of the photo into this piece. the facade and the reality.

  9. luckyjc007 says:

    I think both of them may be feeling a bit in awe of each other…one has a troubled marriage and a eating disorder that is probably consuming her life and ability to enjoy every day activities and her home, and the other one that is dealing with a hectic life where she feels she is not getting to fulfill her desires or a husband that is by her side when she needs him. It is so difficult to understand one’s circumstances from afar. Your story has such complex situations , in very few words and is well written.

    • swritings says:

      Thank you so much for your well thought out comment. That’s so true, everyone has to deal with their complex lives and it’s not easy for one to comprehend from afar. Thank you so much for reading! 😊

  10. Sometimes, things are never what they seem. The perfect neighbours are not so perfect after all. Good read

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