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Song Lyric Sunday: Nindiya Re (Dear Sleep)

A dozen OSTs came to mind for this week’s theme, from How do I live – Trisha Yearwood, to Donna Lewis & Richard Marx – At the Beginning (maybe we can do this theme again after a while! :)). I finally … Continue reading

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Word-High July: Tadhana

Responsible we must be From accountability don’t flee The choice is yours Not tadhana nor destiny Take decisions wisely Make not excuses slyly For Word-High July And it’s a wrap! A big thank you to Maria and Rosema for hosting this … Continue reading

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Word-High July: Gigil

I tried to evade Behind Mummy I stayed A pinch of the cheeks Another hug and a squeeze I wondered why aunties and adults Had this uncontrollable impulse For Word-High July

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TLT: After the Tears

Just sixteen, Benjamin’s eyes brimmed with tears as he stopped near the Native American exhibit as memories of his Dad came flooding back and he was furious with himself for not being able to control his emotions, he was the man … Continue reading

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Word-High July: Halakhak

Those mirthful fits When a funny memory hits You frantically control But with laughter you roll Tears of merriment aplenty A blubbering frenzy May we all fall prey To such a giggling display 😂 😂 😂 For Word-High July

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Word-High July: Yugto

Amid the transition of life Be wise, shun strife Your journey finite Replete with dark and light Keep balance in mind Your soul’s progression sublime For Word-High July

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FFfAW: Grandma’s Garden

“Why is Grandpa digging up the garden again?” “I told you dear, he just really misses Grandma.” Little Ethan didn’t remember much about Grandma, but he did recall her hugs. This warm, comforting embrace that made him want to snuggle … Continue reading

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