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Tanka Challenge: Happy New Year

Another new year Bidding adieu to the past Resolutions penned May we see prosperity Special thoughts for those in need For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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Happy Birthday & How Christmas Was Celebrated in My Country!

25th December is special for two reasons, it’s not only Christmas but it’s also the birth date of my country’s founder and the greatest leader we’ve ever had, Mr. Jinnah. It is indeed rare to come across such brilliant individuals. … Continue reading

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TLT: Grandma Knows!

But I want chocolate chips in the loaf! Maggie’s eyes brimmed with tears as Mum tried explaining that Grandma wasn’t allowed to eat any chocolate ingredients. Christmas morning, they went to visit Grandma in the nursing home and Mum proudly … Continue reading

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Tanka Challenge: The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas spirit Bringing people together Camaraderie Random smiles and harmony Forgive all and reconnect For Weekly Tanka Challenge Christmas peace rallies taken out all over Pakistan! ❤️  Early Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 Picture credit: Twitter

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FFfAW: Murky Reality

Casandra loved misty mornings. The thick fog would slowly encircle the house and she’d sit by the picture window, pretending to be the princess of the clouds. Now, decades later, she cringed as the black mist descended, reeking with pollutants. … Continue reading

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SPF: When Being First Matters

Letting go, rising above, being the first to apologize….Gloria’s thoughts arrested at the last one, as she sat cross legged on the mat. The serene voice on her iPod continued and she quickly inhaled, eyes closed, trying to focus, but … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday: What a Feeling – Irene Cara

And how can I not share this song which got me smiling as a kid! 😀 Lyrics:

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