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FFftPP: Acceptance

Surprisingly, Sunny had waited years for this day. His daughter never really understood why. She watching her father glance impatiently at his watch and gave him a reassuring pat, as he grunted and fiddled with his wheelchair. He spoke little of the war, … Continue reading

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TLT: Evolve

When spiteful fingers point, flaws jealously unveiled Taunting the kettle black, guilty of the same Rise above the pitch, behold hues of crimson sunrise Written for Three Line Tales

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Six Sentence Story: The Professor

Giving up his job at the university was the hardest thing he ever had to do but he hadn’t thought twice about it because Josephine was all that mattered and even though she’d protested, he knew that she was actually … Continue reading

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FFfAW: Grand Nothingness

The Bennings had as usual, spared no expense to host their annual gathering. Only the finest delicacies at the finest restaurant in town. Invitations had been posted weeks in advance and you could see the jealous twitch in the eyes … Continue reading

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Music Mondays: Ricky Nelson- Hello Mary-Lou

These oldies always strike the perfect chord! Enjoy! 🙂 For Music Mondays

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Best Friends

Jamie was scared of dinosaurs. So the day of his field trip, he decided to feign illness. Then he had second thoughts, afraid that Aunt Rachel would discern the truth and he’d have to tell her why. Only mum, who was now in heaven, … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Disappointment (An Open Letter)

Dear Disappointment, You have this knack of showing up unannounced, unwanted and unawares. Just when I think you’ve reared your miserable head for the last time, bam! There you are again! Seriously, go stalk some greedy politicians or better yet, … Continue reading

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