SPF: Honourable Choices

05 Jules Paige 26 March 2017

“Callie! It’s over!”

Reaching the edge of the pier, Agent Callie turned around slowly. Jake’s gun was pointed straight at her head.

“You’re right, Jake, it is over,” she said softly, and took another step towards the edge.

There was a flash of guilt on Jake’s face and his aim wavered, but just for a second.

“Callie, we swore an oath to protect this country….”

“With lies?!” Callie’s eyes flashed with rage. “How can you even defend what they’ve done?”

“That’s not on us! We’re just following orders…”

Callie gave a bitter laugh. “Orders? Really Jake? You’re going to go with that?”

“Callie, please, after all we’ve been through together….”

“Looks like we still don’t know each other,” she interrupted,  a twinge of sadness in her voice.

“Do what you have to, Jake, as will I.”

Callie jumped over the side of the pier, landing firmly in the speedboat below.

Jake’s gaze followed her, as did the muzzle of his gun, his finger squeezing the trigger. The boat sped away and Jake fired, missing his target.

Their eyes met one last time, until both were just specks in the distance.

Callie’s lips curved into a trembling smile, Jake never missed.

For Sunday Photo Fiction

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Suits: My storyline for the episode in which Harvey Specter makes things right with his mother (Season 6)

Right, so after watching that really heartfelt/didn’t-agree-with-the-storyline episode of Suits (Season 6: Ep.12, The Painting), all I can do is put my version out there (and hopefully someone, somewhere, somehow will agree with me! Try to keep up, my desperation’s just beginning!)

Warning, spoilers!

So basically what happened was, Harvey *swoon, swoon, swoon* (sorry Oliver!)….

…..went back to this hometown to try and make things right with his mother (who was the culprit in the first place…!) Long story short, after he apologized, she had the audacity to say “I forgive you too!” I mean…whaaaa??! Are you kidding me?! So Harvey was as flabbergasted and appalled as I was but then, then….his entire family turns on him!! I mean, seriously? You have his brother saying “….but he (cheating Bobby) took my kids to school when I was sick (well of course he would, but that does NOT negate the fact that he was responsible for destroying their family in the first place! Along with the mother of course (yup, no sympathy there!))

So anyway…then he (cheating Bobby) barges into the house all holier than thou and tells Harvey that this family works better without him!!!!! And you have the brother looking on saying NOTHING and agreeing with him!!

Also saying how he can’t explain to his kids why Grandpa and Uncle Harvey can’t be in the same room together..!! I mean hello?! Wait till the kids grows up, then we’ll see who they’ll agree with!!!

Anyway, so by the end of it Harvey says he doesn’t hate his mother and only what she did (sigh..what a bighearted beautiful, beautiful man….did I say swoon?… Sorry Mike, we love you too but sigh…Harvey gets all the attention, that’s just the way it is! :D))

Ok, enough of what the writers made this episode out to be…now it’s ahem, my turn *cracks knuckles*

Right, so…here goes….cue my (desperate) version of events!

Harvey flies back home and fills Donna in on all that happened and even though Harvey was supposed to get closure, Donna still wants to stand up for her guy! (read: me finding an excuse to vent!)

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FFfAW: Always

Credit: Sunayana MoiPensieve

She leaned gently against the lamppost as he serenaded the crowd with his usual tunes.

I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine
Till the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme…

She closed her eyes as memories came flooding back. They’d stood here, hand in hand, where he’d mouthed these lyrics.

And I know when I die,
You’ll be on my mind
And I’ll love you always…

Tears trickled down her cheeks. This was the exact moment she’d whispered, you’d better, and he’d grinned, nodding in acquiescence.

Now she actually hated herself for ever asking him to acknowledge those words, words she still couldn’t fathom had come true. She shook her head firmly. No, she mustn’t do this to herself. This was where he’d gone down on one knee and asked her to spend eternity with him. She had to preserve that beautiful moment, no matter how fleeting.

She sighed and started to slowly walk back home. She’d be back again tomorrow. She glanced heavenward and whispered, I’ll love you baby… always.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Because I’m a sucker for the oldies! 😀

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Song Lyric Sunday: Glee – Hey Jude

Had to share this one too! So great to see these youngsters perform John Newman’s ‘Love Me Again’

For Song Lyric Sunday

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Tanka Challenge: Delight in Nature

File:Carl Schweninger der Jüngere "Er liebt mich er liebt mich nicht".jpg

Nature beckons you

Fall in love with creation

A panacea

Surrounded by pure beauty

Witness wondrous miracles

For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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Song Lyric Sunday: Time After Time – Ronan Keating


This beautiful version was the first one I’d heard!

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Tanka Challenge: Blossoms


For all occasions

Petals delicately strewn

Garlands or bouquets

Adorn yourself with nature

Spring flowers smile once again

For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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