FFfAW: No Life

Credit: any1mark66

“Mummy, look!” squealed little Tiffany.

As Belinda glanced outside at the perfect rainbow, she wondered how such a beautiful world could be so easily sullied.

“Come away from the window, dear,” Belinda gently led Tiffany away.

“It’s so pretty, Mummy,” Tiffany smiled.

“Yes it is,” Belinda ruffled her hair. “Come now, we need to get back down into the shelter.”

Tiffany hesitated, then said, “You think they can see the rainbow from the sky?”

“Who dear?”

“The pilots, before they bomb us.”

Belinda was quiet.

“Maybe if they see how lovely it is, they won’t want to bomb us today.”

Belinda gulped back tears. This was no life for a child….this was, no life.

For a second she was childishly hopeful, hopeful that just before his finger hit the button, the pilot would indeed be transfixed by the beauty and reconsider.

She sighed.

“Come on sweetheart, pick up Teddy and let’s get downstairs.”

Minutes later they heard the roaring and felt the shuddering.

The pilot hadn’t reconsidered.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Good to be back after quite a while….eye issues, need to drastically reduce by screen time. Apologies in advance if I’m unable to respond to comments promptly.

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Song Lyric Sunday: Richard Marx & Donna Lewis – At the Beginning

Was thinking of reblogging a song I’d posted about a year ago, Especially for You by Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue, but I’v been waiting for a chance to share this song from the movie Anastasia, so yaay for this week’s SLS theme!…….Richard Marx! ❤️

Lyrics: genius.com

Oh, and as I’m a Flash fan, just had to share this fun duet from the hilarious musical episode of The Flash and Supergirl crossover! 🙂 ⚡

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Tanka Challenge: Safe Haven


Verdant surroundings

Endless skies, caressing breeze

Park, a peaceful nest

Burdens weigh down heavily

Desperate for tranquility

For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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SPF: If She Only Knew

09 C E Ayr 04 June 2017

Credit: C E Ayr

When he’d left for his second tour of duty, he’d promised himself it would be better, but it wasn’t. Now here he was, back again, and here she was, eagerly waiting for the man she would soon be calling her husband. A man she thought she knew, but now, he didn’t even know himself.

For freedom, for country, for democracy, for keeping your loved ones safe…words once proudly touted, now hollow. He’d seen the truth, experienced it, was guilty of it.

“You’ll soon get used to it, son!”

And so he did. All those dead bodies which initially haunted him, soon faded into obscurity. Collateral damage became a norm. He took lives to save lives, because some lives were more precious than others.  Millions of miles away, in a country he’d once never knew existed, surrounded by a presumptuously deemed inferior culture, he found himself playing God.

Her hero had returned. If she only knew.

For Sunday Photo Fiction

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SPF: Always and Forever [The Originals -Fanfic]

Right, so I’m officially head over heels for the hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson and as the writers decided to give him and subsequently us, major heartbreak by allowing (spoiler alert!) Cami to die in his arms,  I hope to placate myself by writing this bit of fanfic!

That smile! ❤️


201 05 May 28th 2017

“I’m a monster and nobody loves monsters,” Klaus gazed steadily out the window.

Cami walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

“You’re only a monster if you choose to be one,” she said, gently.

“And you, Camille, choose to live in your own fairy tale. A tale of hope, aspirations and redemption,” Klaus turned to face her. “A tale only meant for books full of fantasy, never to be experienced by one such as me.”

Cami smiled.

“And yet, the hope you choose to disregard, is now your most beloved of treasures.”

“I did indeed name my daughter Hope, but I would be a fool to think that absolves me of all the sins of my past, sins that stalk me at night and shatter all my dreams.”

“I have faith in you Klaus, and I believe that you will overcome your fears.”

“Do not imagine for one moment, that I fear anything,” Klaus responded harshly.

“Everyone’s scared Klaus and so are you, and that’s alright. Just know that there are people who will care about you,” she paused, “always and forever.”

For Sunday Photo Fiction

I know “Always and forever” is actually only for the Mikaelson family, but Cami was there during Christmas and could have easily been family if the powers that be hadn’t been so wicked as to rip her away from Klaus!!! Wasn’t him being tortured for five years enough?! (Totally ignoring the fact that he’s an anti-hero…..eloquent poetry flows from his mouth and his accent is to die for! ❤️)




Images credit: Google

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Song Lyric Sunday: He Thinks he’s a Fierce Enemy – Azaan

This song is dedicated to the children of the military, who too have sadly been targets during the war.

Singer: Azaan Ali
Writer: Major Imran

Sharing this one as well. As we watch from afar, it is the families of those who have sacrificed their lives, who continue to face heartbreak, as is seen by the reaction of the relatives in this tribute.

For Song Lyric Sunday


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Song Lyric Sunday: Oh! Carol- Neil Sedaka

Lyrics: genius.com

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Song Lyric Sunday: Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden

For Song Lyric Sunday

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FFfAW: The Cost of Freedom

Credit: Yarnspinner

A white picket fence and garden chairs, Natasha had her perfect backyard all planned out. She kept telling herself that one day, her land would be free for her to live a normal life.

Their valley had been under occupation for decades. Grandpa had joined the resistance, Grandma and other women in the neighbourhood would pelt the vicious army with as many stones as they could carry.

“Natasha,” Mother’s eyes filled with tears.

Natasha bent down near her Mother’s wheelchair.

“Mum, I have to do this, just like Grandma and you,” she said, softly.

“I don’t want you getting hurt, like me,” Mother held her daughter’s hand.

“I’ll still be back out there, fighting for my freedom.”

“Then I’m coming with you,” Mother wiped her face fiercely.

The crowd swelled as these citizens bravely faced off against the ruthless soldiers.

State run papers ran stories of “terrorists” being paid by outside forces to throw stones at soldiers.

“We’re not terrorists, we’re freedom fighters!” roared the resilient nation of men and women, refusing to submit.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Bob Marley

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FFfAW: Earth’s Legacy

Credit: Loretta Notto


As the majestic bark came crashing down, its thunderous descent was met by the scampering of furry animals. Creatures of the sky squawked in anger as they flapped to yet another abode.

A galaxy away, Captain Toremia studied the humans as they willfully chipped away at their planet.

“Sir, do we intervene?”

“No, we intervene only when those who commit a folly, do so in ignorance,” Toremia paused.

“These humans know the consequences of their actions. They have some of the best scientists and researchers….and even if we were to show them what miserable future awaits…well…as they’ve proven time and time again, it’s all about ulterior motives and selfish self-interests to those in power.”

Toremia had observed many planets over the centuries, but the humans had always disappointed him. However, it wasn’t too late. He held on to the hope that the poisonous Earth of the future, wouldn’t be the legacy eventually left behind.

And so the humans were left to their own free will, their fate firmly in their own hands.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Imagine if trees gave off WiFi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet, too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.

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