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FFfAW: Thank You Mama

I was finally out of that small cottage, in that small village, full of sanctimonious people with small minds. I didn’t actually mind the cottage, it was just the proximity to the neighbours I detested. Nosy Mrs. Mead, always hovering … Continue reading

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Music Mondays: Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue – Especially for You

My cousins had recorded (yup, recorded…video tapes, ring a bell?) an episode of  The Royal Variety Show eons ago, in which I had seen this song. It’s just so much fun coming across the exact same clips on YouTube! 🙂 … Continue reading

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Double Standards

Dan stared squarely into his captor’s eyes, who had calmly removed his balaclava. “You see that half destroyed sign on the bridge?” the man suddenly gestured. “That cafe used to serve the best blueberry pies in town.” “But thanks to your … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday: Bryan Adams – Everything I do

You can’t go wrong with Bryan Adams! And Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was a fantastic movie! Enjoy! 🙂 Lyrics:

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We Can Never Become Them (Wise words by Oliver Queen)

Admit it, we all hoped Diggle would inflict severe pain upon Mrs. Dark, or at least indulge in something revengeful. But of course we were overjoyed when the Arrow stopped him (um, well, some of us were! :D) and wisely … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Story: A New Beginning

Abigail happily started to draw as Jenny teared up, but this time they were tears of relief as she’d just got a call saying that a a donor had been found and her daughter’s operation was scheduled for Monday. A … Continue reading

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FFftPP: A Very Special Weekend After All

“Not this one either, honey, ” Barbara shook her head as she inspected the room. “It doesn’t look too bad,” said George. “I know dear, but you wouldn’t want to risk anything, not at this stage.” George knew his wife … Continue reading

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TLT: Till Malevolence Reigns…

  He knew the department had a surprise party planned for his retirement and he appreciated the gesture, duly feigning ignorance, but glancing hopefully at the darkened sky scowling down upon them as his means of escape from the finality … Continue reading

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FFfAW: Averted

She was here again today. A solitary being who exuded sadness. Toby understood that feeling well. Sometimes people preferred being alone in a place of worship, finding solace only in a feeling of close proximity to God and no one … Continue reading

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SPF: Reference

Julie and Andrew stared dumbfounded, their eyes glued to the coloured mixture. The liquid swayed periodically. Both siblings had been elated when asked to be part of this incredible project. Andrew however, had always been the stubborn type. But for … Continue reading

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