Move it Slowpoke!


So to think I can now actually relate to the Jetsons. Yup, its finally happened, I’ve crossed over. I speak of the impatience I felt whilst using the keyboard. Keeping the delete key pressed, just seemed to take a tad bit too long. Oh horror of horrors! Why do I feel this way? Technology’s dark side is beginning to take affect. Well, as they say, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch…and my travels have now come to an end as I’m enveloped on all sides by a thick, dark fog.

Well, I’m not alone in my this dilemma of dilemmas. Just the other day I heard someone mention how irritating it was to keep typing in her password every time she logged on to a particular web page (she couldn’t keep it saved as the computer was used by several other people). Is this something we have developed now, or was this impatience always in us? Can life get any faster than this? We live in a one click world yet that one click is now too excruciatingly slow to bear.

Of course technology will keep advancing, its the axiom of technology, to keep getting better, improving, making things faster. In our world of iPhones and their ilk, we cannot but move forward. But is it always a good thing to move forward at such a break-neck speed?

The problem is, the faster things keep getting, the more fast we expect them to get. What we have keeps getting “slower” with time, or so we think. This need to strive ahead swifter than ever before is making us more impatient by the day.

For better or for worse, this is how things stand today. But I do think we need to take a breath, relax and blink more often than before.

Our intolerance is also spilling over into our normal lives. We expect people to be as fast as us, to move, act, think and speak as rapidly as we do. But it is us who have as quickly forgotten that one day we’ll be at the receiving end. Already I see children more apt at computer skills than I was at their age. How would we feel being told we’re just too slow or not with the times? Soon, we’ll be the sluggish, half-witted ones.

Too much of anything is not good. Are we being bombarded with too much technology? And is that a bad thing? Well, that all depends on us, how we take it. I did the happy dance when I got a new and improved computer, more RAM, more speed and so on and so forth. Of course that’s a good thing, how can it not be? And I hear myself thinking how on earth had I survived as long as I did on a lower, slower model? Did my internet actually work that pathetically slow once upon a time?! How could we have lived a large portion of our lives without SMS? Now that’s just the most convenient thing ever to be invented and the person/persons responsible should be showered with praise and prizes. Remember when we first encountered e-mail? Sigghhh, the good old days. Everything’s just so “normal” now. Gone is that hype, that ‘take your breath away’ feeling at the sight of such inventions. We obviously expect something more advanced to come our way and soon.

Well, life has indeed gotten more interesting by the day. None of that boring, black and white TV, one channel surfing any longer. Pity this generation will never experience our sort of excitement. My parents used to tell stories of how they first encountered the TV. Now I have my own stories to tell. But as time goes by, the stories are just too many and too fast to leave that one mark as they did on us. Yeah, I’m a sucker for memories. So I guess I was just nitpicking a bit too much in this article.

So take what you wish from my words, but keep in mind you’re not always how you’d want to be, so don’t expect others to be either. Let’s enjoy our brush with technology but let it not affect our lives to the extent that we get more irritable and well, impatient!

Day 28 NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/YeahNoMo

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2 Responses to Move it Slowpoke!

  1. Joana Salazar says:

    Yes, don’t let technology affect you and don’t rely on technology too much, we must know how to live simple like it was before 🙂

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