FFfAW: Memories Matter

Credit: Dawn Miller

Vaughn greeted his sister grimly, ready for another fight.

A week ago, Victoria too had been prepared to have it out with her brother, then Dr. McPherson had called with her results.

“So you ordered one for me too, uh?” Vaughn motioned to the hot-chocolate.

“It’s your favourite.”

“Whatever…look, like I said, I’m selling the house and I don’t give a damn about all the memories or……”

“That’s fine,” Victoria cut in hurriedly.

Vaughn raised his brows.

“Now what angle are you playing?”

Victoria shook her head. “No angle…I mean it…you can do what you want with the house. Here are the papers, all signed.”

Vaughn studied his sister.

“What’s wrong Vicky?” he asked, softly.

Moments later all the bitterness was forgotten and Victoria was weeping in her brother’s arms.

“We’re in this together, sis….Victoria and Vaughn, since the day they were born, …remember?”

“I can’t believe you still remember that cheesy line!” Victoria smiled between tears.

“I do…..and we’ve a lot more memories to make,” Vaughn paused, “in our house.”

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Tanka Challenge: Happy Easter!

Easter eggs

Credit: Phool Patti Pakistan’s Truck Art Team (Twitter:@PhoolPatti)

A joyous season

Praying for peace in the world

Let’s all share our smiles

Interfaith celebration

Happy Easter everyone!

For Weekly Tanka Challenge

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Song Lyric Sunday: Rhythm of the Rain -The Cascades

Lyrics: genius.com

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Song lyric Sunday: The Path – Raef

Country Roads by John Denver is the perfect road trip song!… But as I’ve already shared it before (darn!)… going with this one!…..And maybeee, I’ll find the path I seek tonight….! Enjoy! 🙂

For Song Lyric Sunday

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FFfAW: Easy Pickings

Credit: Yarnspinner

It was a desolate area, at least for the rest of the world. The residents knew every inch of this misty place they’d called home for generations.

So when the helicopters breached their airspace in a targeted attack, the locals were left stunned, not only because of this brazen violation, but the astounding explanation that followed.

At the military headquarters from where this attack was launched, Moody smirked at the TV. “Look at those fools on the streets, extremist nationalism in all its glory!”

People were cheering and waving flags. Their solemn President had just finished addressing the nation on the successful mission in which a wanted terrorist was killed.

V.J sniggered. He’d been in charge of this so-called op, as he had many other fake surgical strikes. They’d simply chosen an already maligned country, threatened the corrupt government and had the perfect setting to take out a non-existent terrorist.

As congratulations poured in from world leaders, the locals of that land rolled their eyes at the glaring naivety of this ignorant world.

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Song Lyric Sunday: Culture Club- Karma Chameleon

I love the 80s! A lot of fun songs! Here’s one by Boy George! 🙂

Also sharing a song from my country (sorry, couldn’t find one with English subtitles…..I just love the feel of the oldies! :))

For Song Lyric Sunday

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TLT: Guilty

The dead bodies on the screen finally broke him.

They found him with his brains splattered all over the wall.

The suicide note he’d left read: Guilty of collateral damage.

For Three Line Tales

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