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Suits: My storyline for the episode in which Harvey Specter makes things right with his mother (Season 6)

Right, so after watching that really heartfelt/didn’t-agree-with-the-storyline episode of Suits (Season 6: Ep.12, The Painting), all I can do is put my version out there (and hopefully someone, somewhere, somehow will agree with me! Try to keep up, my desperation’s … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday: That Thin Red Line

Like I said in my blog post, Found:The Perfect Hero…Right is right, wrong is wrong, and you cannot, under any circumstance, claim to justify blurring this line. P.S. Getting ready to binge watch Season 2 of The Flash! ⚡ 😄 For One … Continue reading

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Music Mondays: The Yellow Rose of Texas (theme song)

The Yellow Rose is another old TV series I mentioned in my blog post, From Video Tapes to DVDs, Unforgettable TV Shows and Themes. I just love the theme song! ❤️ For Music Mondays

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Music Mondays: Time Trax – Misty Mountains

I grew up watching a multitude of Sci-fi TV series, from Automan to Quantum Leap. My blog post, From Video Tapes to DVDs, Unforgettable TV Shows and Themes lists the dozens that had me glued to the TV, the themes … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday: Dust in the Wind – Kansas

I first heard this song in the series Highlander, playing as Duncan thinks about Tessa after she’s been killed. It’s quite poignant, reminding us of our finite lives.

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From Videotapes to DVDs, Unforgettable TV Shows and Themes!

So guess what I spent more of my pocket money on when I was a kid? Renting videotapes! Yes, remember those? Black, plastic with a thin reel of film visible? I had stacks of them! Recording every likable series and … Continue reading

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