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Suits: My storyline for the episode in which Harvey Specter makes things right with his mother (Season 6)

Right, so after watching that really heartfelt/didn’t-agree-with-the-storyline episode of Suits (Season 6: Ep.12, The Painting), all I can do is put my version out there (and hopefully someone, somewhere, somehow will agree with me! Try to keep up, my desperation’s … Continue reading

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SPF: United Against the Darkness [Arrow Fanfic]

Just finished binge-watching Arrow Season 4 and felt like taking a shot at my very first fanfiction! ¬†Well…sorta…more of the same story-line…but they do it so well! “You can’t defeat me, Mr. Queen,” said Darhk, in his usual suave manner. … Continue reading

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We Can Never Become Them (Wise words by Oliver Queen)

Admit it, we all hoped Diggle would inflict severe pain upon Mrs. Dark, or at least indulge in something revengeful. But of course we were overjoyed when the Arrow stopped him (um, well, some of us were! :D) and wisely … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Story: Humanity

Nanga Parbat (Killer Mountain), an overwhelming wall of icy rock coveted by climbers all around the world, including Lynn’s brother, Brad and when she got news that he’d been caught in an avalanche, she’d raced from her boardroom meeting and … Continue reading

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