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TLT: Home-Grown

No bank account and pennies few, a gargantuan pumpkin Henry grew He carved and scooped through and through, to make himself something new When they came to take his house, Henry shifted to his new place and lived in a … Continue reading

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FFftPP: Gauche Gabe

“It’s in here somewhere…,” “You’re useless at this, let me see!” Abe grabbed the guidebook from Gabe’s hand. “Aha! Here it is…they’re called meerkats!” declared Abe triumphantly. “But they don’t look like no cats,” said Gabe confused, scratching his head. … Continue reading

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TLT: Unexpected

Stomach in knots, he kept waking up intermittently, the thought of intimidating faces throwing questions at him weighing heavily on his mind, eventually oversleeping and rushing out of his apartment, tie in hand, after having wolfed down half a bowl … Continue reading

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Writing 101, Day 10: Let the Scene Write Itself – Pest Control

Zap! Crackle! Sizzle! Booyah! I got another one! What an adrenaline rush! Don’t believe me? Well, you try falling asleep with one of those blood suckers’ persistent buzzing in your ear at 2 am. What I don’t get is, how, … Continue reading

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Once again I was faced with the prospect of spending the next week or so coughing and sniffing. Yes, the all too popular flu had targetted me yet again. This year I had been extra careful in my dealings with … Continue reading

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