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FFfAW: Not Such a Chance Encounter

It was exceptionally hot but he deliberately took the longer route yet again. Spartacus looked up questioningly and tugged hard. Jake shook his head. “Nope, we’re going this way!” Jake was sure Spartacus gave him a ‘sometimes these humans are … Continue reading

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We Can Never Become Them (Wise words by Oliver Queen)

Admit it, we all hoped Diggle would inflict severe pain upon Mrs. Dark, or at least indulge in something revengeful. But of course we were overjoyed when the Arrow stopped him (um, well, some of us were! :D) and wisely … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Misplaced (Poem)

Waited patiently And you came Once in my heart I gave you mine I’d never cry alone I heard you say A vow you whispered The words I trusted Misplaced loyalty My only weakness Faith shattered Healing begins For The … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Handwriting (Limerick)

✏️ The teacher welcomes you all Decrees writing free from scrawl Some results will astound An insect’s battleground The alphabets indulge in a brawl ✏️ For  The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt

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Roaring Laughter – Online Entertainers

The Daily Post: Daily Prompt Everyone needs a good laugh. The laughs which get you all of a sudden are the best…those sudden witty one-liners on a TV show or a really funny forwarded text message. In the age of … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Vibrant

The Daily Post Photo Challenge Snoopy can always make the grumpiest of people smile! 🙂 This was actually a canvass which my mom got stitched and framed when I was a kid and it still hangs up on my bedroom … Continue reading

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