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Tanka Challenge: Winter Time

Autumn colours fade First snowflakes gently descend Jack Frost greets us all A white winter wonderland Best season for hot cocoa For Weekly Tanka Challenge and The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Faded

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FFfAW: Not Such a Chance Encounter

It was exceptionally hot but he deliberately took the longer route yet again. Spartacus looked up questioningly and tugged hard. Jake shook his head. “Nope, we’re going this way!” Jake was sure Spartacus gave him a ‘sometimes these humans are … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Argument (poem)

Your tongue let loose Bitter words, abuse Wounding, scarring Brutally devouring Egos clashing Both sides lashing But sometimes silence Is your best guidance Inspired by the quotes of Imam Ali (a.s): “Tongue is a beast, if it is let loose, … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Daring (poem)

I dare not hope I fear defeat I dare not, For I am weak I dare not struggle I fear surrender I dare not, For I’m an offender I dare not speak I fear scorn I dare not, For I … Continue reading

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TLT: The Guarantor

She’d spotted the hunter but knew it was too late and just as the arrow was about to leave his bow, she saw the wise man. Desperately, she begged him to ask the hunter to set her free so she … Continue reading

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Tanka: Nature’s Cure

Gurgling stream echoes Water sprays on rustling leaves Sounds of nature heard Soothing to the eyes and soul Panacea for all woes For Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge & The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Eyes

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Give Peace a Chance

“How can he be called a warrior if he refused to fight?” said Julian scornfully. “He learnt there was something more courageous than fighting,” said Mum, “making peace.” “Was he scared?” questioned Scott. “No way!” replied Veronica. “Edward fought in many battles for King … Continue reading

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