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How Writers Write Fiction: Storied Women (Assignment #4)

Write a short story in which you create an immersive experience of a setting or a world. Nature’s Pull It was a moonless night and she could smell the storm coming in from the east. Subsequently, the initial sparks of light … Continue reading

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SPF: Rekindled Love

“Come on dear, I’m sure you’ll love this story!” Dad smiled at Belinda. As usual, she just shrugged him off. Dad looked crestfallen and Mum patted him comfortingly on the shoulder. “Never mind hon, I’m sure she’ll rediscover the magic … Continue reading

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SPF: Unforgivable

Danial had gone to buy milk when the drone struck his building. Only one woman survived. She lost both her legs. Years later, Danial stood at the courthouse. He was suing the government for killing his family. He knew he’d never … Continue reading

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TLT: The Guarantor

She’d spotted the hunter but knew it was too late and just as the arrow was about to leave his bow, she saw the wise man. Desperately, she begged him to ask the hunter to set her free so she … Continue reading

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SPF: Dealing With Loss

“Daisy! Did you get the daffodils?” Jodie called out to her six year old daughter. There was no reply. “Daisy?” Jodie walked out into the backyard and saw Daisy in a pool of blood near the daffodils, the petals sprinkled with … Continue reading

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TLT: Honesty Pays

He’d sat down on the now familiar stone steps, weary, after his usual failed attempts to find a job and that’s when he saw her exit the taxi in a flowing silk dress, dripping in jewels, as a clasp came undone … Continue reading

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FFfAW: The Rescue

Caroline was on the fifteenth floor when the fire broke out. She rushed to the stairs but the flames were rapidly moving upwards. She raced back up, flung open the window and shouted for help. A ladder was extended to her … Continue reading

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