When Calls the Heart- Farewell Jack! ♥

Binge watched 5 seasons in less than a month….! Being a fan of all feel-good Hallmark movies, I’d heard of this series but never really started watching it….and when I did, I knew (spoiler alert) Jack would die. So when I did reach that fateful episode, I’ll always wonder how’d I’d have really felt if I hadn’t known…how shocked would I have been?

The good part is that they didn’t make the death very intense…it was more of an uh? One episode he’s here and the next….what just happened?

But regardless, WCTH has a brilliant message of forgiveness, redemption and how to resolve issues keeping your ego aside. You love the boys, Jack, Lee Coulter and Bill Avery! Especially Coulter, how he goes out of his way to help, even at the risk of financial loss. Avery is definitely a Sheriff your town needs and of Jack….Jack was just the definition of a “Best Man” (as said by Coulter at the start of his wedding). There were just so many feel-good parts in the entire 5 seasons that he was there….especially when he published Elizabeth’s book with all those illustrations.

So onwards to Season 6 without the greatest Mounty that ever lived? Sigh..Kevin McGarry is forcing me to do so, really loved A Winter Love Story (the coin toss scene!). This is why I love Hallmark movies, these little touches which make the entire movie a must see! It won’t be the same without Jack, of course (though they didn’t dwell on his death…it wasn’t as intense as Stephanie dying in Knight Rider, or all the pain I went through watching Arrow and Oliver Queen’s harsh trials!…and he does ‘live’ somewhere..out there…….And Elizabeth’s moving on, good for her (but what about us?!)….and from what I’ve read of the future seasons, did they have to get two guys into it?! Was that really the only storyline they could come up with? Very Soapish….quite a let-down indeed) But no comments until I actually watch them episodes (IF I do…well, I’ve already watched the Christmas special, as sweet as ever! :))

So I conclude with the words of Sheriff Bill Avery:

Never will I meet a better man
Never will there be a braver Mountie
Never will I have a truer friend

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