SPF: Honourable Choices

05 Jules Paige 26 March 2017

“Callie! It’s over!”

Reaching the edge of the pier, Agent Callie turned around slowly. Jake’s gun was pointed straight at her head.

“You’re right, Jake, it is over,” she said softly, and took another step towards the edge.

There was a flash of guilt on Jake’s face and his aim wavered, but just for a second.

“Callie, we swore an oath to protect this country….”

“With lies?!” Callie’s eyes flashed with rage. “How can you even defend what they’ve done?”

“That’s not on us! We’re just following orders…”

Callie gave a bitter laugh. “Orders? Really Jake? You’re going to go with that?”

“Callie, please, after all we’ve been through together….”

“Looks like we still don’t know each other,” she interrupted,  a twinge of sadness in her voice.

“Do what you have to, Jake, as will I.”

Callie jumped over the side of the pier, landing firmly in the speedboat below.

Jake’s gaze followed her, as did the muzzle of his gun, his finger squeezing the trigger. The boat sped away and Jake fired, missing his target.

Their eyes met one last time, until both were just specks in the distance.

Callie’s lips curved into a trembling smile, Jake never missed.

For Sunday Photo Fiction

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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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13 Responses to SPF: Honourable Choices

  1. magarisa says:

    Very intense! The ending is brilliant.

  2. Superb cinematic feel.

  3. Iain Kelly says:

    Like a classic action scene from a film. Well done.

  4. I agree with the others. That is very much like a scene from a film. I love that last line. “Jake never missed”

  5. Dahlia says:

    A very gripping write! And the end was great 🙂

  6. athling2001 says:

    Nice ending. Spoke volumes about their relationship.

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