Suits: My storyline for the episode in which Harvey Specter makes things right with his mother (Season 6)

Right, so after watching that really heartfelt/didn’t-agree-with-the-storyline episode of Suits (Season 6: Ep.12, The Painting), all I can do is put my version out there (and hopefully someone, somewhere, somehow will agree with me! Try to keep up, my desperation’s just beginning!)

Warning, spoilers!

So basically what happened was, Harvey *swoon, swoon, swoon* (sorry Oliver!)….

…..went back to this hometown to try and make things right with his mother (who was the culprit in the first place…!) Long story short, after he apologized, she had the audacity to say “I forgive you too!” I mean…whaaaa??! Are you kidding me?! So Harvey was as flabbergasted and appalled as I was but then, then….his entire family turns on him!! I mean, seriously? You have his brother saying “….but he (cheating Bobby) took my kids to school when I was sick (well of course he would, but that does NOT negate the fact that he was responsible for destroying their family in the first place! Along with the mother of course (yup, no sympathy there!))

So anyway…then he (cheating Bobby) barges into the house all holier than thou and tells Harvey that this family works better without him!!!!! And you have the brother looking on saying NOTHING and agreeing with him!!

Also saying how he can’t explain to his kids why Grandpa and Uncle Harvey can’t be in the same room together..!! I mean hello?! Wait till the kids grows up, then we’ll see who they’ll agree with!!!

Anyway, so by the end of it Harvey says he doesn’t hate his mother and only what she did (sigh..what a bighearted beautiful, beautiful man….did I say swoon?… Sorry Mike, we love you too but sigh…Harvey gets all the attention, that’s just the way it is! :D))

Ok, enough of what the writers made this episode out to be…now it’s ahem, my turn *cracks knuckles*

Right, so…here goes….cue my (desperate) version of events!

Harvey flies back home and fills Donna in on all that happened and even though Harvey was supposed to get closure, Donna still wants to stand up for her guy! (read: me finding an excuse to vent!)

So she flies to Harvey’s hometown and gets Harvey’s brother, cheating mother and cheating Bobby in one room, and then, she gives it to ’em!

Pointing to brother: At your Dad’s funeral you told Harvey not to make a scene because your kids were there, and now told him how he (pointing to cheating Bobby) was there for your kids when you were sick…so basically your children are the reason you’re giving him a clean chit so your life can run smoothly, …this only proves how little you know your brother who helped you get your restaurant. He would’ve been there for you during your illness, even if it meant making merry with (cheating) Bobby…. he would have done that for you, because that’s just the kind of man he is!

Turing to cheating mother: It’s all very well for you to apologize after you had the gall to say you forgave Harvey. Who’s the parent here, you or him? Isn’t a mother supposed to sacrifice everything for her family, especially her kids? You didn’t have the strength to keep your marriage intact for your kids, but years later you hold your child responsible for his reaction to your crime by acting as the victim, accusing him of neglecting his family? You’re the mother! You should have taken that first step to make things right and kept on and on and on taking it because you’re the damn parent! Oh yes, you did apologize later on…*slow clap*

As for you (turning to cheating Bobby), I never heard you apologize even once to Harvey for your despicable act. No, all you did was defend your place in this family, after destroying it in the first place, as if you can make up for your actions in the past by achieving the Grandpa/Husband of the Year award in the present.

All three of you have more to apologize to Harvey for than he ever has. But hey, this is not an apology competition, but it is a shaming one and you three should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking only of your own lives and not giving a second thought to what Harvey has been through all these years!

It’s because of you (addressing cheating mother) that he’s had panic attacks, it’s because of you that he’s had a hard time committing to anybody…oh, but hey, you guys didn’t know any of this now did you? Because this family works better without him!! And you didn’t even apologize to Harvey for (cheating) Bobby berating him in this manner, nope, when Harvey came to apologize, again, all you said was, “Was this because of what Bobby said?”

You have your son flying down all the way here to apologize, speaking of which, how many times did you try apologizing or flying over to see him? Let’s see…zero? Again, who’s the parent here? You think he should be held accountable for waiting all these years to come back, what were you doing all this time? Wow! You all deserve family of the year award…well done….you three deserve each other!

(Erm, OK, no matter how much the dark, unforgivable part of me wants it to, it can’t end on such  a severe note…sigh…forgiveness is key and all that…)

So let’s try that ending once again….

Donna: What I’m trying to say is, Harvey deserves better…yes, Harvey’s father forgave you, but he wasn’t a little kid like Harvey, who was first exposed to this disturbing situation that you as a mother put him through…Harvey’s a good guy…one of the best and if you can’t see that…if you think your family works so well without him, that’s your loss, not Harvey’s….he has us, and he always will, a family away from home and we’ll always be there for him, not matter what.

Leave the poor man alone already! (that was me…not Donna)

Fast forward a few days later, Harvey’s brother and mother fly down to see Harvey (and yes, they have the good sense not to bring cheating Bobby (though the mother is equally responsible, but family ties and all that….)

Anyway, so they turn up at his apartment, mother begs for forgiveness, brother begs for forgiveness, and of course, Harvey forgives them because he’s Harvey and they suck! (AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FELT THIS WAY AFTER WATCHING THIS EPISODE??!!)

Seriously, people, help me out here! Wasn’t it totally RIDICULOUS how they justified (or tried to) the cheating mother’s side of the story? How easily they made the brother come to terms with the fact that the mother cheated and now this guy was a saint and part of the family?! Forgiveness is one thing, but at least he should be a tad bit upset?! Right?! Right?!

Yes, yes, I know he got closure by the end of it, hugged his cheating mom (nope, not a fan nor as forgiving as Harvey! Wow! Harvey is the bigger person after all!)…put the painting back up on his wall blah, blah, blah…he still deserved better, so there!

So to the writers of this particular episode I say:

But to give credit where credit is due, loved how they mentioned Harvey reading the bedtime story to Marcus’s kids.

Also, all they had to do was make the mother say at the restaurant, what she said in the end to Harvey and that would’ve covered it! Why’d she have to play the victim and then finally apologize for hurting him? that’s the end of my (never to make the light of day) storyline…making me realize that the magnetism of Harvey Specter is so intense that you just can’t bear him to be wrong or suffer in any way (even if his arrogant self deserves it at times!…I soo take that back!…hey, he doesn’t give a damn about the money, he apologized to Louis after beating him up…he had (sniff, sniff) panic attacks, awww…told his psychiatrist that he felt sick to his stomach (remember that episode?) and the thought of Donna behind bars brings him to his knees!! How can you not love the man??!!)

End rant….yup, I’m done…just going back to staring at…… ❤ ❤ ❤

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