Happy Birthday & How Christmas Was Celebrated in My Country!

25th December is special for two reasons, it’s not only Christmas but it’s also the birth date of my country’s founder and the greatest leader we’ve ever had, Mr. Jinnah. It is indeed rare to come across such brilliant individuals.

So Merry Christmas to one and all! Laugh, sing, forgive and smile! πŸ™‚

Here are a few pictures of how Christmas was celebrated in Pakistan, as well as images, vids and some incredibly wise quotes by Jinnah. Enjoy your holidaysΒ everyone! πŸ™‚


Pakistani Christian Air Force pilot who sacrificed his life defending Pakistan







Pictures Credit: Google & Twitter
More stunning pictures of Churches in Pakistan

Also linking up to Seasonal Sensations Link-Up that I just came across! πŸ™‚

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15 Responses to Happy Birthday & How Christmas Was Celebrated in My Country!

  1. rosemawrites says:

    Happy holidays, Saima! ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. Thank you for including this post in the Winter Wonders link-up! Happy birthday to Mr Jinnah and belated Merry Christmas!

  3. milliethom says:

    I really enjoyed reading about Mohammad Ali Jinnah, as I knew nothing about him and his work beforehand. He was a great leader and one who truly advocated peace. Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas photos and the videos about this great man. Happy New Year to you and your family. ❀

    • swritings says:

      Thank you so much for taking time out to read! He truly was a wise leader whom we lost too soon after independence. There was also a movie made on him starring Christopher Lee.
      Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and your family as well! ☺❀

  4. sarahbeg says:

    lovely write up! do read my blog, follow and give your views. https://wordpress.com/posts/readbetweenthelines.blog

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