SPF: Undeserving


Proud of their country’s progress, the statue representing their country’s hard fought freedom and values, was put up in the capital city. Indeed, the oppressed people had gone through a tumultuous number of years, but they emerged victorious and the scars would eventually heal.

Decades went by and their country soon began to wield immense power in this competitive world. Soon their pride turned to arrogance, as their leaders greedily yearned for more influence and strength.

How quickly people forget and so did the citizens. Their country’s painful history and struggles were conveniently set aside and the oppressed became the oppressors.

The statue erected as a constant reminder of justice and fair play, now simply a background image for curious tourists.

But there were some who refused to forget and despite their low numbers, fiercely stood up for truth and human rights.

One day, the country woke up to see the statue defiled and demolished. Next to it lay a sign which read:

Such a symbol of honor has no place in a country that refuses to respect her past struggles, disdainfully metes out judgment, points fingers and orders sanctions on those weaker but genuine and embraces those with power but malicious.

For Sunday Photo Fiction

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