FFfAW: The Rescue

Credit: Joy Pixley

Caroline was on the fifteenth floor when the fire broke out. She rushed to the stairs but the flames were rapidly moving upwards.

She raced back up, flung open the window and shouted for help.

A ladder was extended to her window.

Before it could completely reach her, a terrified Caroline lunged out.

“Not yet!” yelled the fireman.

Caroline lost her balance and found herself dangling dangerously from the ledge.

The fireman grabbed her arm.

“Don’t let go!” she cried, petrified.

“I won’t, I promise!”

Caroline’s fingers slipped and the fireman was thrust abruptly forwards, as he held on firmly to her arm.

Then, with a strong heave, he pulled her up, and Caroline felt her feet touch the rungs of the ladder.

She was gently helped down and minutes later, sat wrapped in a Mylar blanket.

Noticing the fireman who helped her, she went up to him.

“I wanted to say thank you and apologize for freaking out.”

He smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, just don’t go jumping out any more windows!”

Caroline blushed.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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22 Responses to FFfAW: The Rescue

  1. Iain Kelly says:

    Great action scene, I could picture it all happening – and I’m glad there was a happy ending.

  2. Very suspenseful! Kept me on the edge until the ending. Great story!

  3. michael1148humphris says:

    I feel for the fireman and his muscles.🙂

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Hehe he must have been a hot fireman for her to just leap or “fall.” I also eat she had trouble letting go 🙂

  5. Joyfrida says:

    hahahaha someone call 911, loved the story.

  6. Morgan says:

    Its great to read an action scene in Flash Fiction. Particularly with such a spin on it. Well Crafted!

  7. rosemawrites says:

    oh geez. what an action you told effectively! I am glad she is safe!

  8. milliethom says:

    An action-packed scene. Being caught in a burning building is a predicament none of us want to find ourselves in. Thank goodness for the heroic fireman! He certainly kept his cool when she was, understandably, panicking, Well written.

  9. Dahlia says:

    Lucky for her – her panic could have led to disastrous consequences. Good message to keep cool under fire.

  10. Grant-Sud says:

    Haha I’m shipping these two by the end! Great story, intense.

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