Six Sentence Story: If You Only Knew

I knew he’d delicately kept the ring atop the whipped cream when dessert was about to be served.

I knew him so well, how he took his  green tea with a dash of lemon, his dislike for turkey, even though every Thanksgiving he’d smile and make an effort to eat it happily, so as not to upset his Mum.

I knew his genuine smiles and forced ones.

So when the waiters brought in the trays, I held my breath, and when they placed the plates in front of all the guests, I froze.

When she squealed in delight and said yes, I looked away.

When everyone cheered as the happy couple embraced, I gulped back tears; now he’d never get to know me.

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18 Responses to Six Sentence Story: If You Only Knew

  1. UP says:

    Jealousy !! Good way to go

  2. messymimi says:

    One of life’s most difficult moments. Well done!

  3. Singledust says:

    my favourite story so far S! i have sat across that same person looking at that same plate and always wondered what if. the depth of emotion in that last sentence…..”now he’d never get to know me”…..his loss i guess

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Sad S. Although, my thought is, if he already hadn’t made the effort to get to know her, it probably wasn’t meant to be. Great writing as always.

  5. ivywalker says:

    Ohhhhh. Unexpected twist! Well done!

  6. Aw so sad! Hopefully she will find love.

  7. Davy D says:

    The right one always appears in the end 🙂 Great read.

  8. luckyjc007 says:

    It’s hard to believe at the time, but some things aren’t meant to be and we often find out why later in life. I believe one day she will find the person she is meant to be with.

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