SPF: Defeated

167 08 August 7th 2016When Justin applied for the night shift at the museum, he was greeted by the ethereal figure of Captain Avery Bartholomew’s ghost, floating with a grappling hook plunged into his forehead.

Even though he almost flatlined, a month later he looked forward to his chats of the past with this pirate, and a good game of chess.

“Move your head, I can’t see the board with that hook blocking my view!”

“Ah, but will it make any difference? Your shoddy moves will only lead to yet another poor result on your part.”

“You know, I now realize why someone would bash you over the head with that rod!”

“Pointless killing. I suppose this is one point we have in common between our times”

Justin raised his brows. “But you guys were definitely more barbaric than us.”

“Really? How many innocents have your leaders killed, with their nuclear bombs, drones and carpet bombing? The most dishonorable way to kill your fellow man, if I may say.”

 “I’m sure you too would’ve eagerly embraced these methods to defeat your enemies!”

“Ah, but have you, defeated them?”

Justin frowned. “I guess the only thing we’ve defeated, is peace.”

“And I, you, checkmate!”

For Sunday Photo Fiction


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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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6 Responses to SPF: Defeated

  1. That opening line is one heck of a hook. Pun fully intended.

  2. Didn’t stand a ghost of a chance in that chess game. Good story.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Wow. Nicely done S. “there’s nothing new under the sun.” I think that is the lesson here, more ways to kill, but less piece. ‘A Night At the Museum’ feel to this 🙂

    • swritings says:

      Thank you! Yes, that’s so true…the more we kill, the more we have to kill…it’s never-ending, you’d think we’d learn from history, but…. Haha! That movie crossed my mind as well! 🙂

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