TLT: Too Late

three line tales week 24

Credit: Emiel Molenaar

They called him insane, a loony bin, touched in the head but silver haired Elliot knew he wasn’t crazy, he’d seen him…it…in the fields.

He spent nights wandering the green terrain to prove himself right and they found his mutilated body a few days later.

Unfortunately, it was too late by then and the entire town was discovered, littered with human remains.

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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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8 Responses to TLT: Too Late

  1. AJ.Dixon says:

    Ooh that’s good! Love the mystery around it ☺

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  3. mandibelle16 says:

    OMG, this is a gory ending. Too bad they didn’t listen to him. Well written.

    • swritings says:

      Haha! Yes, it somehow turned out that way! 😀 People have this habit of immediately ridiculing the other, rather than giving him or her the benefit of the doubt! Thank you! 🙂

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