FFftPP: What Will Danny Do?

Covered Bridge

“It was really dark last night but I’m sure this is the place I saw those floating lights,” said Benjamin.

Danny and Joey followed him across the wooden bridge to the abandoned shed.

“If we find aliens, we’ll call the FBI, I’m sure there’ll be a reward!” exclaimed Danny.

“Aliens? There’s no such thing!” replied Joey scornfully.

Peering cautiously inside the shed, the three friends gasped at the sight of two purple-faced creatures alongside an oddly shaped spaceship.

“Hello!” squeaked the aliens and Danny promptly took refuge behind Joey.

“We crashed on your planet and are trying to fix our vessel.”

“D-do you need help?” stammered Benjamin.

“No, just make sure no one sees us.”

“We’ll stand guard outside!” exclaimed Joey.

“Do you think the one named Danny will expose us?” Draeteomo asked Plamteomo, as the  boys went out, chattering excitedly.

“If he does, we’ll send the order to attack Earth immediately,” replied Plamteomo grimly.

Outside the shed, Benjamin and Joey were trying to convince an adamant Danny not to call the FBI on the friendly aliens.

For Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner

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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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8 Responses to FFftPP: What Will Danny Do?

  1. Well I sure hope Danny doesn’t call anyone! 😟

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Wow, littl does Danny know, he should keep his mouth shut. Well written S.

  3. luckyjc007 says:

    They seemed friendly and probably just landed there by accident. If they needed backup, they must not have been too dangerous. Danny should not call anyone.

  4. Felicia Hf says:

    Very amusing! I hope Danny decides not to call…

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