Six Sentence Story: Anna’s Choice

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The judge called for order as Anna took the stand amid hushed voices.

It had been an agonizing few months for those involved, especially the family of the victim.

Anna, the next door neighbour and only witness to the murder of Lilly Moore, had also gone through the most excruciating time of her life, having to choose between speaking up or succumbing to the given threats from the opposing side.

It had been Jason, Lilly’s brother, who had approached Anna and begged for her help, promising to protect her all he could with his meager resources, knowing that she couldn’t expect much from the police who had been wary to pin the murder on the wealthiest businessman in town, Mr. Julian Hayden.

Anna was grateful that even though Jason had lost his sister to such a vicious crime, he hadn’t intimated her into exposing the killer, knowing that she was fearful for her own life.

As she took the stand, Anna prayed fervently for the strength to be able to get justice for Lilly and when she pointed her trembling finger at the smirking Mr.Hayden, she felt both relieved and anxious at the same time, then caught the eye of Jason who gave her a look of gratitude and firm support and Anna knew that she wouldn’t be alone in dealing with the fallout, if indeed the Haydens did decide to take revenge.

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9 Responses to Six Sentence Story: Anna’s Choice

  1. Singledust says:

    frighteningly this also happens in real life not only in fiction, the rich can bribe their way out of anything including murder. very strong story line with just 6 sentences, i love the intensity of the brother emanating from your writing..

  2. Jenn says:

    Scary! A lot of information and detail given in just six sentences, but without being too wordy, very hard to do. Great job.

  3. ivywalker says:

    I think i lost my comment…was just saying that this stuff is so agonizing…happens way too often!

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Nice. I liked this. Justice for Jason’s sister and maybe something btw Jason and Annie?

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