Six Sentence Story: The Professor

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Giving up his job at the university was the hardest thing he ever had to do but he hadn’t thought twice about it because Josephine was all that mattered and even though she’d protested, he knew that she was actually grateful that he’d chosen to stay beside her, as she lay weakly on the hospital bed.

At times his mind did wander to his students, as this was his first year teaching the graduating class and he had been quite anxious while preparing them for their finals when he’d abruptly resigned, remembering how he had to remind Martin to re-check his answers twenty times and that Alisa, always skipping the second part of the given question!

He sighed but didn’t regret his decision one bit as he gazed down lovingly at his wife, her heartbeat shallow, her once rosy-cheeks now colourless, almost frighteningly white.

The nurse entered and whispered softly, asking if he was Professor Harrington and after he confirmed, she smiled and put up the blinds to the window that led to the corridor.

His eyes had filled with tears more times than he could count these past few months and once again he found himself tearing up but this time a trembling smile crept in, as he saw his ex-students adorned in their graduation gowns and caps, standing with flowers, balloons and signs, Alisa holding up, Checkmate! and Martin a cheekily written, Answers re-checked twenty-ONE times, the entire class spelling out the word “THANK YOU” written boldly in separate alphabets on T-shirts visible underneath their gowns.

He felt a soft touch on his hand and saw his wife awake, smiling feebly but proudly up at him.

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12 Responses to Six Sentence Story: The Professor

  1. This was a heart-tugging story, and I loved it because it was a reminder that when people make the right choices good things happen… and yes, there is hope for the younger generation! Beautifully done, very real!

    • swritings says:

      ‘…when people make the right choices good things happen..’ I love this line! 🙂 Yes! With good upbringing, wisdom etc, there definitely is hope for the younger generation! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Glad you liked the story! 🙂

  2. oldegg says:

    What a beautiful and emotive tale of a man loving his work and his wife.

  3. valj2750 says:

    I’m crying. Teaching was my profession and I know the attachment an educator feels to his/her students. Teaching is a work of heart and so is loving and caring for your wife (or husband, father, mother, brother, sister) when they are ill. Well done.

  4. ivywalker says:

    Oh my how lovely a story is tbis???!

  5. OH man! Now you’ve got me teary-eyed. That was a very sweet story.

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