TLT: Victory


three line tales week eight: flags

Photo credit: Liam Desic

It had been a grueling three years of training, sweating, hidden crying sessions and almost-give-up moments, for Cynthia to finally reach this far.

Now here she was, waving proudly her country’s flag as she marched in with the rest of the team, but her heart was beating furiously, her legs were weak and this was only the opening ceremony.

She tucked her cold hands into her jacket and found the note which said: You’ve reached the Olympics babe, to me you’re already a winner!ย 

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9 Responses to TLT: Victory

  1. Great ending! Loved your 3 line tale.

  2. jansenphoto says:

    Beautifully done! The flags really ring out in your TLT.

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  4. gloverdeb says:

    I really like this story. Thanks for participating.

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