Music Mondays: Songs from Calamity Jane

Doris Day! Just love her movies/musicals! This was indeed a memorable role she played in Calamity Jane, with really nice songs, some of which I’m sharing below.
 ‘Secret Love’ ❤ is typical Doris Day and ‘I Can do Without You’ was particular funny! Just to share a few random lines from the latter:

In the Summer you’re the Winter, In the finger you’re the splinter

In the question you’re the why, in the  ointment you’re the fly

In the goldmine you’re a nickel
You’re the tack inside my shoe, Yes, I can do without you

You got charms, they ain’t bewitchin’ me, You’ve a face no one would paint

 🎵 Enjoy! 🎵

 🎶 The Black Hills of Dakota  🎶

🎶 The Windy City 🎶

 🎶 I Can do Without You 🎶

🎶 Secret Love ❤  🎶

🎶 The Deadwood Stage (Whip Crack-Away) 🎶


For Music Mondays


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4 Responses to Music Mondays: Songs from Calamity Jane

  1. I use to love watching Doris Day movies. Gosh, that was a loooong time ago.

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