Echoes of My Neighbourhood: Quiet Evening at the Park

Echoes of My Neighbourhood is a challenged hosted by Jacqueline (many thanks Jacqueline!:)).

For my first entry, I’d like to share a few pictures from my neighbourhood park, where I usually go for a walk.



I was a bit far away, but there’s an enclosed area with some fitness equipment.

Just to the right of the park there’s a small amusement park, so you spot some of the rides over the wall! 🙂



Swings and a jumping castle for kids!

Mr. Crow taking in the sunset as well! 🙂



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12 Responses to Echoes of My Neighbourhood: Quiet Evening at the Park

  1. These are so calmin and peaceful. It reminds me of my neighbourhood back in Houston. I love sunsets. They are always beautiful 😊

  2. Thanks for joining Echoes 😊

  3. Such a lovely park to walk in!

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  5. jazzytower says:

    I does look nice and quiet…:)

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