Awkward + Embarrassing = Blushing

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Awkward moments, embarrassing situations, I don’t like them! (to state the obvious! Unless maybe, you’re Lorelai Gilmore? Well, she’d at least know how to handle them!) So you have everything from, slip on a banana peel, to drop a plate at a social function, watching it shatter in front of your and a hundred other eyes. Though I’ve noticed that when such an incident occurs with senior citizens, everybody’s all “It’s OK…don’t worry about it…” But we young’uns tend to get more disapproving glances. I guess old age does have its benefits! (Oh, and how many people have actually slipped on a banana peel?)

So there are those who simply ‘meh‘ these kind of occurrences, while others turn redder than a tomato! Scientists really need to come up with some Anti(blush)biotic or something! So I did a random search online and was surprised to see a multitude of writings on how to deal with “I wish the earth would open up and swallow me” moments, and some really nice comebacks as well. For example, you drop a spoon at a restaurant, it makes a clang louder than Big Ben…. you pick it up and say, “I meant to do that!”

Oh, and if you happen to be the one witnessing such a scene, you go through the whole, should I pretend I didn’t see it happen? To, trying to force yourself not to look, but failing (even though deep down you really want to see the entire spectacle, as being prying and nosy is just how we humans are! Well, most of us!) moment.

Then you have those situations in which you have to choose sides when you’d just rather be Switzerland! Example: A colleague being fired at work, and not very pleasantly, someone whom you used to talk cheerily with, and when he or she was let go, what do you do? Break off all contact? Keep in touch? And on top of everything, there’s Facebook where all your hanging out moments are neatly recorded, and as your boss too is probably on your list (you couldn’t really click ignore to his friend request now could you?) hence you feel guilty every time you enter your workplace for the rest of your life!

Also, if you did want to break off contact with that person, he/she is still on your list, so what do you do, pretend you never see her status updates? Unfriend him/her? (Yeah, that’s being subtle!)

Right, so how much overthinking did I just do in the above scenarios? I know, I know, you meh-ing bunch of people are rolling your eyes at me right now! Sigh, life was so much simpler when we only had landlines. Hey, remember the rotary dial telephones? (yeah, I just googled that! :p Had no clue what they were called! )

So do people have to be so calm about angrily confronting other people? What would they do if they ran into them at a restaurant or end up sitting next to them at the cinema? OK, probability of that happening….not so much!

Ah, now who can relate to this moment? You’re pretending not to look at someone, but suddenly make eye contact, and then you flick your gaze away, but it’s too late!

So I wish there was some way to keep yourself composed when you’re abruptly involved in an unseemly situation. You know, how people train themselves to fool lie detectors?

Well, if someone is unfortunate enough to be in an awkward situation, well… just think of all the embarrassing situations you’ve seen in sitcoms and console yourself with the thought that it could have been much more worse! Better yet, practice a couple of ‘mehs‘ before leaving home!

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3 Responses to Awkward + Embarrassing = Blushing

  1. Humourous but with a lot of truth. Some of these situations can be painfully embarrassing and even place us in difficult situations, especially the work related ones.

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