Home Again

Should I start with the cliched, Time Flies? Well, it sure did! I had just coined my hurried haiku before I bid my online life adieu for a fortnight (How many out there continue clicking ‘Publish’ while on holiday? Kudos if so!)

My whirlwind trip of flowers and food, silks and sequined fabrics (packing your suitcase with wedding clothes and accessories was no easy task!) walking  and more walking (that’s Dubai for you!) now over, I’m back in the comfort of my own home, room and bathroom (yes, the bathroom in the malls were properly maintained, but I have this thing of having to use one that has been visited by a never ending stream of strangers!) And no matter how hard you do try not to, spending half a day at a mall, you simply have no choice.

Dubai Mall was indeed enormous, and it was fun seeing the musical fountain and umbrella filled ceiling in “The Village” but convenience wise, MOE (Mall of the Emirates) was better, Oasis was even more compact and you spent less time on your feet and more in and out of shops.

Having read about Global Village, it was actually more fun exclaiming, ‘Let’s go to France, let’s stop by Russia…’ than what the gateways offered. Somehow I had the impression that once you entered that specific ‘country’ it would make you feel as if you were really in that place, not so, but still a fun experience.

Caught an absolutely hilarious stand-up comedy show by Pakistani comedians, Saad Haroon, Danish Ali and Salman Qureshi, still burst out laughing as certain witty lines come to mind! 😀

Time away from the ‘real world’ also makes one think how quickly we forget about the happenings elsewhere. Back home I’m once again reading the newspaper and listening to the news, coming across the pleasant and the extremely unpleasant side of us humans. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s not reality.

So Dubai is a land of shiny buildings and vast areas of still undeveloped land, malls and distances! It felt as if you spent most of your time either in the car, or walking! I really liked the residential neighbourhoods constructed, Arabian Ranches, MotorCity etc. So all in all, great weather, family fun and shopping!

Oh, and I’ve missed so many wonderful blogs by all you guys out there! I tried scrolling down my Reader as much as possible, but don’t think I can make it to the day I left! 😦 Also missed out on several flash fiction challenges (in fact, that’s what I dived into the minute I logged on to my blog! :D)

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