Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo Credit: Etol Bagam

It was her fault Alice died, so she left. She only took what she came with from the orphanage, her mother’s pink umbrella.

Walking down the lane, she greeted with relief the raindrops that would hide the tears streaming down her face.

She’d insisted on sitting in the front seat and the airbag saved her when the truck bashed into them, crushing her stepsister’s head instantly. He’d lost his real daughter and it was her fault.

A car slowed down and her stepdad rushed out.


“I-it was my f-fault!” she stammered turning away.

“No it wasn’t,” he held her gently by the shoulders.

“Your daughter’s dead because of me,” choked Lara.

“You’re my daughter, Lara,” he drew her close and she clung on for dear life, tears flowing faster than the rain.

“You still want to adopt me?” Lara asked softly.

“You were my daughter the minute I took you home.”

“Come on, let’s finish decorating the tree.”

She nodded, still holding on. It would be a merry Christmas after all.


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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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11 Responses to Family

  1. A very heart touching story! I’m so glad she is able to have a happy Christmas after all! Great story!

  2. any1mark66 says:

    Wow. You really packed a ton of emotion in there! Well written.

  3. Alixa says:

    Very nice story, the feelings of Lara being well illustrated. Being adopted myself, this touched home. Well done 🙂

  4. heartwarming ❤ i feel the guilt and the love. thank you for sharing such a touching story xx

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  6. Etol Bagam says:

    Touchy story. I’m glad her stepdad didn’t blame her too, and I hope she’ll realize I was not her fault.

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