Daily Prompt: The Wanderer

I love the feel of an airport! The minute you step foot into one, you’re already experiencing a foreign land. Surrounded by different nationalities, families, individuals…the world at your doorstep (well, I suppose it depends on the airport, but you get the picture)

So, top 5 places? (Can’t really give them an order, every place has its own allure)

  • Snow (and maybe even glacier trekking!) 

Otherworldly: This stunning image shows the changing Concordia, where the Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin-Austen Glacier come together

Photo Credit: David Kaszlikowski (Where the Baltoro & Godwin-Austin Glacier come together)

Ok, so not a place, but hey, I want to experience some white powder first hand!..Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, make a snow angel (people still do that, right?), go tobogganing! The whole nine yards! So any place that transforms into a magical snow-land will do!

  • Skardu

The pictures are absolutely breathtaking and friends who’ve already been there for holiday come back with amazing stories of lakes, with crystal clear water and picturesque valleys, which is obvious from the pictures, but what a feeling to experience it live! (The perfect place to do some writing!)

  • Kaghan Valley

Another breathtaking valley in the mountains! I’d love to go hiking and camp out at night!

  • Australia (ranch/horses)

McLeod’s Daughters

I watched a lot of the TV series McLeod’s Daughters and I’d really like to visit an Australian ranch. Wild horses! How amazing would it be to see wild mustangs galloping in the hills! (If that’s possible!)

  • Ireland

Ireland just has a certain feel to it. Just look at the pictures you come across online! I couldn’t decide which two I liked best! 

This prompt may end here, but the list surely doesn’t!

“I read; I travel; I become” – David Walcott

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5 Responses to Experiencing

  1. mukul chand says:

    Nice pics, lovely post.

  2. Quiche says:

    Breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing. Ireland is very beautiful; my heritage is Irish from my Mother’s side. I remember travelling there as a young girl from England to Ireland visiting my Grandparents in Co. Wexford!! Beautiful! Thanks!!

    • swritings says:

      Oh lucky you! The closest I’ve come to Ireland is when I went to Scotland. Would love to visit one day! The Irish music I’ve come across in movies is also lovely to hear! 🙂

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