Don’t Let Life Get You Down

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She certainly didn’t! Paralyzed from the waist down due to a horrific car accident when she was 20 years old, Muniba Mazari is now an artist, motivational speaker, the first Pakistani wheelchair-bound model for Toni&Guy, brand ambassador for The Body Shop Pakistan, Pond’s Miracle Woman and was part of BBC’s 100 Inspiration Women 2015. Phew! What a list!


She went through her highs and lows, of people leaving and suffering loss, of enormous support (especially from her mother), and today she is all about being positive, grateful and happy. The inspiration one gets from hearing her speak and from simply taking stock of her life, is unbelievable (Oh, and she sings too!)

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me! -Muniba Mazari


But it really hit me when I heard her TedX Talk. How could one not get teary-eyed, not only hearing about what she went through physically and emotionally, but the ‘never give up’ spirit she’s shown since!

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Photo Credit: Todd Shea    Abdul Shakoor, featured in Humans of New York, Pak Edition, with CDRS Amb. Muniba Mazari

It wasn’t easy getting here, she went through an excruciating experience, but the impossible didn’t get her down. If she can do it, we all can!


Source: Humans of Pak

Here she is singing another lovely song! 

Sources: Facebook: Muniba Mazari

Twitter: MunibaMazariOfficial

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7 Responses to Don’t Let Life Get You Down

  1. mescalime says:

    An example to us all! Thank you for this inspiring post.

  2. Quiche says:

    Truly inspirational!! Each one of us complains about the “little stuff”, or not having “enough”. Muniba Mazari has such humility, compassion and selfless drive that we can really admire her choice for happy not crappy! Muniba is a wonderful mentor for all challenged people; whether it is physically or mentally. Living proof that we can overcome any adversity if we Believe it. Believe You can!! Thank you for sharing Muniba’s touching testimony.

    • swritings says:

      That’s so true! It’s all about the ‘little stuff’ for us, at times, superficial ills and our wants never end! Reading about such an inspirational person makes us immediately look inwards! Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

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  4. This is a very encouraging and inspiring post. Despite the obstacles, she rose above them and shines through. Such posts fire me on 🙂

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