My FFfAW challenge!

Photo Credit: Sonya

“Melissa!” snapped Mrs. Gretchen.

“Orange clouds?! Purple leaves?!”

“No!” she picked up the green colour pencil and swapped it wth the unlucky one in Melissa’s small hand.

“Remember class, leaves are green and clouds are white!”

Melissa looked at her drawing and limply held the green colour. How could she explain to her teacher that she had indeed seen clouds in the sky light up orange, as the sun set last evening. She had carefully observed all the plants at last week’s flower show, and had spotted the most beautiful of purple leaves on a plant she couldn’t pronounce.

Melissa looked down and slowly did as the teacher asked. She erased as much orange as she could  from the clouds and made sure each leaf was exactly green.

As for the spider, instead of reaching for the blue, to make it like the one on National Geographic, she picked up the black.

How could she explain to Mrs. Gretchen that not everything was as black and white as it seemed?

Day 21 NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/YeahNoMo

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6 Responses to Perception

  1. Great story with a lot of wisdom. Mrs. Gretchen didn’t have the ability to see through the eyes of a child who sees the world in beautiful colors. So sad she had to change her picture.

  2. Laura Thiessen says:

    Yes, let the children be creative.

  3. rogershipp says:

    Round worlds in square boxes???

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