Writing 101, Day 9: Writing and Not Writing

I started writing several years ago because I enjoyed it. My love of writing led me to publish my work on Kindle but I don’t write for a living. In fact, I had a job, during which I did write whenever I felt like it, but didn’t manage to focus comprehensively on it. Which is why I admire all those who do manage to juggle a job and writing at par, but for me that just wasn’t the case. And so, I’m now on a well deserved sabbatical, savoring every bit of the well found free time in my life to focus on my passion.

But I don’t have a hard and fast rule as to what I do when I’m not writing. I don’t take it as a chore, hence don’t deliberately chalk out a time-out. I write when I feel like and the rest of the time life goes on as it normally does. Watching TV (The Flash & Arrow!), movies, reading, time with the family and so on.  I actually make it a point to take a break from writing when I realize my eyes are bloodshot red and start watering! Not a good sign at all and that hovering feeling that writing is having an adverse effect on your health ruins the writing process.

So I suppose there’s no right or wrong, everyone handles their writing and not writing time, in their own way!


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Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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