Writing 101, Day 5- Hook ’em with a Quote – Finding Faults

Ask in order to understand, and do not ask in order to find fault, for surely the ignorant man who wants to learn resembles a man of knowledge, and surely a man of knowledge who wants to be difficult resembles an ignorant man who wants to find fault.                                                                                                                                                           -Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence)

How many times are we guilty of the same? Asking a questions, or making a comment, knowing full well the ridicule lurking at the back of our minds. Our aim, not to understand or listen but simply to stick obstinately to our point of view, regardless of the reply we receive in return. Our intent, not to gain knowledge, but to attack and keep attacking in an irrational manner.

We want to win the argument, even if we are wrong. Our minds already made up, we keep up pretenses and indulge in unreasonable questioning. This can be true when family members quarrel, friends quibble, politicians disagree and especially when people from different parts of the world take a rigid stance on what they feel is true and take no interest in even glancing at the other side; The notion that they just might be wrong or even slightly inaccurate, never even occurs to them.

At times, a knowledgeable person, despite his knowledge is too arrogant to change his standpoint and argues for the sake of arguing. And maybe that’s why knowledge without morality isn’t worth having, if you can’t use it to make the world a better place.

Another Peak of Eloquence quote which really impressed:

Man is a wonderful creature; he sees through the layers of fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh (tongue).

Day 6- NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/YeahNoMo

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3 Responses to Writing 101, Day 5- Hook ’em with a Quote – Finding Faults

  1. What you describe is the ideologue. The individual that refuses to credit fact, evidence of any kind or common sense. The ideologue bases the opinion they cling to on faith, misguided or not. Faith is a wonderful thing, but shouldn’t shut our minds like a steel trap.

  2. innatejames says:

    ^^and they all live on social media outlets!

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