Writing 101, Day 4 – A Story in a Single Image

Somehow this picture brought back an Enid Blyton story I read in my insouciant, childhood days. The character gets his hands on a pair of glasses that lets him read the thoughts of people passing by.

In this busy, robotic life of ours, we get up, rush, rush, rush….catch the train, work, need to get back home in time for xyz….rush, rush, rush…..I wonder, if we could hear what strangers around us were thinking, how many thoughts would be calming? How many would have worries floating around in their heads? At times we think nothing could be worse than our current predicament. Would we dare swap our problems with someone else’s?

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” – Regina Brett

To be grateful. Grateful for what, our worries? Well, compare them to the ones in the pile, and I’m sure your answer will be yes. But just to expand; To realize how we deal with our apprehensions is what matters. We can make greater problems for ourselves by grumbling or we can try to make the best of them. We can worry ourselves to death, or we can deal with them head on.

Life is transient, so are our miseries. We are all in this together, let’s play the hand dealt and think of our fellow players along the way.

Day 5 NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/YeahNoMo

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1 Response to Writing 101, Day 4 – A Story in a Single Image

  1. innatejames says:

    If I were witnessing the scene in the picture, I would totally be making up backstories for everyone I saw, inventing conversations, explaining the things they’re carrying.

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