Writing 101, Day 3, One-Word Inspiration – CHOICE


I know I heard this quote in a movie, but for the life of me I can’t remember which one! But it somehow stuck with me, and I’m using this to expand on my one-word inspiration i.e. CHOICE.

It’s how you’re willing to get ahead in this rat-race we’re all in today. Will you be the one to take the easy way out? To buckle at the knees when the going gets tough? Will you get ahead by running the other down? Or will you hold your head up high, grit your teeth and strive forward on the thorny road ahead? Come what may, at least you didn’t cross that thin, red line between right and wrong. Yes, that line is indeed thin at times.

You see what you want, reach out to get it, but the tips of your fingers simply graze at the prize. So close, so excruciatingly close, yet all you get are chipped fingernails. Following the treasure map to the spot marked ‘X’ hadn’t been easy, but there you were. The only hitch is that the spot is surrounded by quicksand. What will you do? Push the other person in the mud, step on him and get your well deserved fortune? Or look for an alternate route? Which will once again challenge you.

Every rose has a thorn. Similarly, life too is surrounded by those inevitable spikes. The key is not to forget the rose. Utopia (your version of it) is out there. But how to get to it, that’s what determines who you are.

What will you do when you’re tested to the fullest? Which way will you turn? Will you go towards door number one? The door with the red carpet and flower petals strewn across? Or will you clench your fists, roll up your sleeves and march forward to door number two? The door that’s pathway is ridden with thorns and splinters. The difference is, you’ll walk down this path with your head held high, knowing that later on you will not regret doing so and the scars left behind by this journey will heal and disappear altogether. Whereas the former pathway littered with flowers, will forever leave a wound, seared eternally into your conscience. You may be one to ignore that mark, but remain it will.

Peer pressure is a killer. From the time you’re able to speak, you are surrounded by people who are more strong headed, thicker skinned and just have a louder personality than yours. Will you be a people-pleaser and go along with them even if you disagree? Or will you voice your protest at what is spurious? Will you listen to what your conscious prods you to say? Or choose to ignore it? It isn’t easy of course. You risk getting ridiculed or worse. Well I have a word for people who define the word peer pressure. Bullies. They may look the part but from inside, they’re as weak as weak can be. One small pinch at their Achilles heel, (and everyone has one) and they’ll drop like flies. Keep this in mind when you’re confronted with such a situation.

Curve balls is what makes life exciting and sometimes your handle on life can break, but it can surely be fixed right back on. There’s no background music with life, but there will be a time when you’ll prick up your ears and say, “Do you hear that? That’s the fat lady singing!” And affirming that after you’ve achieved your goal in a just manner, is what really matters. The choice is yours.

Day 4 NabloPoMo/NanoPoblano/YeahNoMo

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2 Responses to Writing 101, Day 3, One-Word Inspiration – CHOICE

  1. I’ll attempt to sum up your eloquence with what I used to tell my kids. “Don’t do the right thing just because you’re afraid you’ll get caught. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. After all, you’re the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror every morning.”

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