The Philadelphia Story and High Society


Grace Kelly – High Society

What is it about these charming, old musicals? From their tone of voice to their graceful actions, nothing compares to these one-of-a-kind movies from the days of simplicity and finesse.

Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn – The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story, starring Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart was the epitome of fun, laughter, wit and charm.

High Society

Later on, a remake, High Society was made and that too was as delightful and witty! Starring an amazing cast of Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby.

The Philadelphia Story

Movies for the entire family to watch and love. Free from malice and imbued with just pure grace, these films transport us to an era of bewitching beauty.

Here are some quotes from High Society that will make you chuckle!

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  • Mike:  She’s a lovely girl.                                                                                                                 Tracy: Yes, isn’t she? Ah, but we’re afraid she has a homicidal streak.
  • Mrs. Lord: Tracy, look at the way she does her hair.                                                                  Tracy:  Oh, yes, it’s lovely. Is it lacquered?
  • C.K. Dexter-Haven: Uncle Willy, this morning you look like a tree full of owls.
  • Mrs. Lord: Caroline, don’t say stinks. If absolutely necessary, smells, but only if absolutely necessary.
  • Liz Imbrie: Mike, if I ever am in your way. Don’t honk, just run over me.

Equally witty quotes from The Philadelphia Story:

  • Macaulay Connor: Doggone it, C.K. Dexter Haven! Either I’m gonna sock you or               you’re gonna sock me.                                                                                                                            C.K Dexter Haven: Shall we toss a coin?
  • Liz Imbrie: Where’s this room? I’ve forgotten my compass.                                                      Macaulay Connor: I’d say, south-by-southwest parlor-by-living-room.
  • Macaulay Connor: I’m testing the air. I like it but it doesn’t like me.
  • Tracy Lord: The time to make up your mind about people is never.
  • Macaulay Connor: Tell four footmen to call me in time for lunch will you?
  • Uncle Willie: Must we ride this thing? Wouldn’t we be more comfortable on pogo sticks?
  • Dinah Lord: Oh it won’t rain. Tracy won’t have it.
  • C.K Haven Dexter: I’m sorry, but I thought I’d better hit you before he did. He’s in better shape than I am.

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3 Responses to The Philadelphia Story and High Society

  1. savannah says:

    Found myself here after checking out your ‘Why I write post’ and I agree with you about the charm of these old Hollywood films. My grandmother and I spent hours watching them when I was a girl and I fell in love with the glamour and the romance of the era. Grace Kelly is from my hometown which is coincidentally Philadelphia and I practically worshiped her although I will admit that the original Philadelphia Story was much more favorable (in my mind) than High Society. Some of Grace’s finest works though that you should check out, if you haven’t already is To Catch A Thief, Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. Along with Grace I was (and still am) an avid Hepburn fan, Katherine and Audrey alike so you won’t go wrong with any of their other films (assuming you haven’t seen any which I doubt would be the case).

    • swritings says:

      You’re from Grace Kelly’s hometown! That’s so cool! 🙂 Yes, that’s so true, these oldies have a feel of their own! It’s been a while but I used to watch loads of these! Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day and of course Katherine & Audrey Hepburn!… They just have this pleasantness about them…! I’ve seen Rear Window and I’ve heard of the others but can’t for the life of me remember if I’ve watched or not! Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll stream them online when I get the chance! … These movies will never grow old and I hope this generation too, falls in love with them, as we have! 🙂 … Thank you again for your lovely feedback!

  2. Yes, I admire the Philadelphia Story much more than High Society except for the singing aspect of it. I passed by Philadelphia one time and I wanted to stop but my father didn’t want to :(. Hitchcock makes the best films, so suspensing!

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