Are You (Un)neighbourly?

Everybody needs good neighbours. Whether you’re living in an independent house or an apartment building, to be surrounded by good, decent people makes life much easier. But in case you’re one of the unlucky ones to have one of those neighbours, well, then life can turn sour and quick.

Recently one of my neighbours’ was having work done, they were kind enough to tell us that if any mess was created in our house due to flying cement or anything else, just let them know and they’ll have it cleaned. Now that was indeed very obliging and very neighbourly of them, to make sure that others aren’t adversely affected by their work. You don’t hear of many such cases like these. I heard of an incident of a neighbour taking objection to some construction work going on in the house next door, saying that it would ‘stop air’ from reaching his house. Now considering those people were doing that construction work out of necessity due to a termite attack, and not building anything fancy, this was indeed quite un-neighbourly of them.

Then I read about an incidents in apartment buildings about people who have genuine complaints regarding their neighbours, yet the neighbours seem unconcerned and are extremely flippant about the entire situation. Apparently Neighbour A complained that there was some leakage from Neighbour B’s apartment, so of course the entire situation turned ugly, with neither side wanting to compromise. Well all they did was help their lawyers make money out of this entire episode. And how can I forget to mention the incessant, blaring music which resonates from some houses into the long hours of the night…ok, I admit, if the music happens to be Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi, I’d probably not be as annoyed. But I guess that would be extremely selfish of me, not to think of others, especially senior citizens, who would probably prefer a ghazal (A poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love in spite of that pain or two – Wikipedia)

So ask yourself, which kind of neighbour are you? Do you make trouble or try to help your neighbours? And even if you aren’t one of those who would go out of the way to help, you can still be friendly from a distance. And I’m sure this is not simply restricted to Pakistan, but one of those situations which happens all over the world. And I was right! (Phew! finally something we’re not solely guilty of!) I Googled this topic and you wouldn’t believe the number of neighbour-horror-stories I came across! Most being barking dogs which resulted in the calling of animal control.

Well, in the stressful times we live in today, I hope that people will understand the need of being a bit more caring. Be a bit unselfish and do think of the other person and not simply of yourself in whatever you do. Make sure that your actions don’t hurt or cause unnecessary inconvenience to the next person and do try to compromise if the situation is such. In the end, always try to flash a smile, a friendly face can only have a positive effect! 🙂

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